Netflix’s ‘The Babysitter’ Gets Sequel with McG Returning to Direct


From his extraordinarily weak Terminator Salvation to his most recent Netflix films Rim of the World and The Babysitter, McG continues to fail to impress me. The latter must have been a hit for the streaming service as a sequel is in the works.

In fact, according to the latest issue of Production Weekly, McG is set to get back behind the camera for The Babysitter 2 as early as this October. And unless Samara Weaving somehow survives, they won’t have her shoulders in which to carry the entire film on.

The Babysitter followed a lonely, 12-year-old boy who falls in love with his hot babysitter only to discover that she’s part of a satanic cult that wants to kill him. While it’s unknown if Weaving is for sure dead, we do know that Judah Lewis survives the coming-of-age slasher. It’s unclear if the sequel will follow the same story as the first, although Dan Lagana is listed as the new screenwriter. For those of you unaware, Lagana is the writer-producer of Netflix’s must-see faux docuseries “American Vandal”. So that’s a good thing.

Casting is underway and shooting is expected to run through Thanksgiving. Watch for official news soon.

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