NeNe Leakes Talks Making Amends; Says She Was Accused Of Being The Bad Guy

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NeNe Leakes Shares Insightful Thoughts On Those Who Have Done Her Wrong

Guess what everybody, NeNe Leakes is teaching us a lesson! Please take a brief moment and thank your lucky stars we have been gifted with this powerhouse of knowledge. Last season, Real Housewives of Atlanta really took a toll on NeNe. She weathered multiple run-ins with cast members and lost a couple of old friends. But please be clear, NeNe is not responsible for treating people badly. In fact, they might have deserved it! NeNe is a firm believer in Karma and her wicked ways.

Look, NeNe might have physically attacked part of Bravo production, but it wasn’t her fault. See, the cameraman hired to film these ladies in their homes, violated NeNe’s privacy by entering her closet. I hope he learned his lesson. Even Porsha Williams ALLEGEDLY had her pregnant body tossed around in the melee. But, it was Porsha’s fault for being pregnant and in the way – how dare she! Another person who did NeNe dirty was Cynthia Bailey. She had the sheer audacity to fall in love with someone other than NeNe. Then she went out of her way to invite a guest to a party without asking NeNe first! Ugh, the nerve. Thankfully, NeNe has reached a higher plane of awareness. She is making amends to the people who have done HER wrong, revealing what viewers already knew. NeNe really is the bigger person after all.

It takes a lot of guts to set forth on the journey to forgiveness. It often involves swallowing your pride and being willing to accept criticism, maybe even change a few things. NeNe can educate you on how to be humble. NeNe shared a very poignant post to her Instagram. With a heavily photoshopped serene photo in place, NeNe wrote the wackadoo eloquent caption, “Sitting on my flight this morning reflecting/thinking about how i’ve had to make amends with People who actually wronged me and the way that has made me feel.”

Wow, that speaks volumes. Remember when Eva Marcille wronged NeNe by getting married? She tried to make that whole day about herself, not thinking about how it would affect NeNe. Disgusting! Now Eva has gone and gotten pregnant with her third child. This is obviously a ploy for Eva to suck the limelight away from NeNe. Again.

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Even when she fights with former best friend Cynthia, NeNe is able to take the lead on a path of positivity. She continued, “When your [sic] a big personality, the fingers get pointed in your direction a lot as the bad guy.” I know, right? What is the deal with people anyway? It’s like they expect to be treated with decency and respect. Peasants!

NeNe’s poetic words didn’t stop there, “It’s just crazy to me how society judges from the outside in, instead of the inside out.” Excuse me, I need to grab a tissue. These sincere words of prose are really getting to me. Who cares about society, NeNe? Heck, she gives viewers nothing to work with. It sucks when a group of people see you for who you are have a preconceived notion of super famous celebrities. It’s heartbreaking, knowing NeNe has to live with such a burden.

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When times were rough, NeNe relied on cash her faith. In closing she wrote, “I’m just grateful to God that i was given great discernment!” Yes, thank you Jesus for this oracle of wisdom! Thank you for blessing her with the powers to judge see through the evils of others. NeNe added a special touch at the end and included, “Happy Sunday #yourdayiscoming PS: some people play victim well”. Oh my, what’s this? If I didn’t know better, I would read the #yourdayiscoming hashtag as mildly threatening.

Obviously, I’m being silly, as NeNe then compliments an unknown person on their ability to play the victim. RHOA fans know NeNe is never one to make excuses. She always owns her truth, and she would not even think of making drama about herself.

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How lucky are we NeNe took time out of her day to share such an insightful and profound post! I hope we can all achieve the level of enlightenment NeNe allowed us to witness. So if you go out today and harass someone online or accuse someone of getting a horrible disease as payback for their shitty personality, make sure to thank the lady that paved the way for us all. Thank you, NeNe Leakes!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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