Tamra Judge’s Son Ryan Vieth Told Ex To Kill Herself, Sent Photo Of Bullet, & Called Daughter A “Little Bitch”

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Tamra Judge Ryan Vieth

Why have we seen Tamra Judge’s Son Ryan Vieth in every episode so far on this season of Real Housewives of Orange County? Well, it’s only been two episodes, but it’s still way too much Ryan content.

Not to pull a Kelly Dodd, but I can’t help if Tamra actually has a storyline of her own aside from sharing her children’s drama and saying that she doesn’t trust Vicki Gunvalson for the 9,345th time. Now, Ryan is making waves off-screen. Trigger warning: there is some very graphic content below.

Ryan’s ex, and the mother of his young daughter Ava, Sarah Rodriguez posted (and deleted) a  terrible text conversation that she allegedly had with Ryan. Yes, she deleted the posts, but obviously, there are screenshots.

Ryan allegedly texted Sarah “Fuck off” and “you’re trash.” Pot, meet kettle, Ryan.

Sarah told Ryan, “You’re disgusting and abusive.” At another point, Ryan said to Sarah, “go kill yourself.”

Then, Sarah claimed, “You talked shit about my daughter several times today. She is a child.” Again, Sarah’s child is also Ryan’s child, but she also has another daughter.

Sarah reminded Ryan, “You are supposed to be a grown up.” So much for that.

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Ryan told Sarah “She acts like a little bitch. Just like you,” which is a lovely thing to (allegedly) say about a young girl.

Ryan told Sarah that she and her daughter (again it’s unclear which daughter) “can both get fucked.” Wow.

The screenshot concluded with “FUCK YOU!!!!! This one is for you.” along with a photo of a bullet, which is absolutely terrible.

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What does Tamra think of the texts? On last night’s Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen told her the exchange has been “going around and around on Twitter.” Then he read a post from a fan who said, “You have to ask Tamra about her Ryan’s texts with Sarah. He posted calling her daughter a name. What’s going on?” Ummm “calling her daughter a name” is the most vague summary of that conversation. It was way more than that. Allegedly.

Tamra said “I don’t know. Sarah tends to go on social media and post all this stuff and delete it. So, I’m not buying into it.” What does that even mean, Tamra? Just because Sarah deleted a screenshot does that mean it’s invalid now? Deflection at its finest. Love her or loathe her, Tamra is a master at skewing a narrative in her favor. She should teach a master class on avoidance.

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