Lady and the Tramp First Look at Disney+ Live-Action Remake


Disney is continuing to tease its upcoming live-action Lady and the Tramp movie with a brand new look at its titular canines. Set to be released on the company’s upcoming Disney+ streaming service, Disney is now touting the movie’s arrival in the newest issue of their Disney twenty-three magazine. As revealed in a tweet from Disney, the cover of the magazine shows a new look at the real dogs portraying Lady and Tramp in the upcoming release, and whether you’re on Disney’s live-action remake train or not, the image is pretty interesting to see.

In the remake, Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux star as the titular Lady and the Tramp, lending their voices to the animals. Also announced as a part of the cast are Sam Elliot as Trusty, Janelle Monae as Peg, Arturo Castro as Marco, Thomas Mann as Jim Dear, Benedict Wong as Bull, Yvette Nicole Brown as Aunt Sarah, Adrian Martinez as Elliot the dog catcher, and Ashley Jensen as Jackie, a gender-swapped version of Jock. The LEGO Ninjago Movie helmer Charlie Bean is directing using a screenplay by Andrew Bujalski. Brigham Taylor is producing with Jessica Virtue and Chaz Salembier overseeing for Disney. The movie has been given a Disney+ premiere date of Nov. 12, 2019.

Like the original, the live-action remake will tell the story of the relationship between an upper-middle-class American cocker spaniel and a streetsmart stray mongrel. Of course, the legendary spaghetti kiss scene will be recreated in all its glory, as it just wouldn’t be a Lady and the Tramp movie otherwise. However, not everything from the original movie from 1955 will carry over into the remake, as some of its aspects really haven’t aged that well. Because of its racist connotations, “The Siamese Cat Song” will be replaced with a new version as performed by Janelle Monae, written by Monae, Nate “Rocket” Wonder, and Roman GianArthur. Monae will additionally be performing two other original songs for the remake.

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As we all have seen, Lady and the Tramp is just the latest in the increasingly long line of animated Disney movies to be given the live-action remake treatment. However, while movies like Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Jungle Book have gotten theatrical releases, Lady and the Tramp will instead be making its debut on the small screen. This will be among the many major selling points of Disney as the company launches their anticipated streaming service. For those unaware, Disney+ will be launching that same day, and better yet, it comes with a surprisingly affordable bundle price with Hulu and ESPN Plus.

Fan reactions have been fairly split for the past few live-action Disney remakes, but chances are, this one will really help sell those Disney+ subscriptions. Certainly, it’s starting to look more and more like Netflix is in a lot of trouble. You can catch the new Lady and the Tramp when it premieres on Disney+ on Nov. 12, 2019. The twenty-three magazine image comes to us from Disney on Twitter.

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