Report: Ramona Singer Wants Tom D’Agostino’s Ex-Girlfriend To Join Real Housewives Of New York

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Because, of course, she does! The Singer Stinger strikes again, y’all! Since Real Housewives of New York’s conception, Ramona has been the gift that keeps on giving. If you like your gifts wrapped in paper recycled from childhood trauma. This is a woman who has no filter and no f*cks to give, perfect for reality television. Ramona floats on a cloud of pinot grigio and muddled thoughts with a mouth that often gets her into trouble. That said, she is the OG of this particular franchise and prides herself on being mean “real”.

Season 11 saw Ramona with many opinions, as usual. Ramona has always been wide open, even when sharing thoughts about her co-stars. We know how she feels about LuAnn de Lesseps’ drinking. Viewers also got a little hint about Ramona’s feelings on Bethenny Frankel’s ex-boyfriend. She also blessed fans by providing her perception of Barbara Kavovit’s role on the show. To put it mildly, she might not care what you think, but Ramona definitely cares what she thinks. Since she’s not in the business of making other people happy, now Ramona wants another friend of hers to join the RHONY cast. Sit down and strap in because the Ramonacoaster is about to take another ride.

If Ramona were in the business of being a saint, she wouldn’t have played tongue tag with her BFF’s ex. Saintly people also don’t launch plastic stemware directly into someone’s face. Even though some may say Ramona has changed since her husband ditched their marriage for his side-piece, Ramona can still be something of a mess. As LuAnn struggled to maintain sobriety throughout filming, tensions remained high with Our Lady of Macrame. Listen, Lu got herself into a spot of trouble. Thanks to the police attending AA meetings and cabaret, LuAnn tried to set forth on a path to narcissism positivity.

But no one shall be positive for too long in the presence of Ramona! It looks like Lu’s hopes and dreams of peaceful navigation into a life free of alcohol and shitty friends drama may run into a bit of a speed bump. That speed bump’s name is Missy Pool. Missy is a great friend of Ramona’s and the ex-girlfriend of LuAnn’s former husband, Tom D’Agostino. Oops, I think she did it again!

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A source told HollywoodLife Ramona wants Missy to join the cast of RHONY next season. Yeah, that won’t cause any problems! The article states, “Ramona Singer is gunning hard to get her good friend Missy Pool on RHONY because she would know how much it would frustrate LuAnn, as Missy used to be Tom D’Agostino’s ex.” Does LuAnn really need more problems in her life? Can’t Ramona just make out with Harry Dubin again and call it a day?

The insider shared, “Tom dated and married Lu briefly, and she and Lu do not get along. Missy has had some conversations with the people at RHONY and seems open to it. The ladies begin filming at the end of August and everyone will be back, but they’d like to add one or two wives into the mix to spice things up.” Ramona has also suggested another friend, Sheila Rosenblum, join the gang as well. What’s the problem Mona, have you made everyone else so mad that Bravo has to actually change the cast? Sounds about right.

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But it’s all for the show, you guys! Because Ramona knows what makes the fans tick… “Ramona knows that having Missy join would be great for TV. Ramona and Lu aren’t in the best of places, and Ramona would like another ally for herself. Ramona knows how much it would get under Lu’s skin if Missy joined. She thinks Missy would be a great fit, so she made the introduction and pitched the idea.” Charming idea, is it not? I mean, why not go after the one person on the show who is actually in recovery! Maybe later Ramona could dangle some babies in front of Tinsley Mortimer and her mother.

There have been no confirmations or denials either way, filming for Season 12 of RHONY begins at the end of this month. Buckle up, because the Ramoanacoaster looks like it’s headed straight for LuAnn. While we’re casting, remember the mistress that banged Mario Singer? Anyone have her digits handy, let’s get her on the show too! Now that would be an epic season.

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