Watch Danny Trejo Become a Real-Life Hero as He Rescues Kid in New Security Video


Danny Trejo stars in the Bad Ass action franchise as a senior citizen who stands up for his community, and now the 75-year-old Hollywood legend is turning that idea into a reality as he recently saved a young child from an overturned car after a traffic accident. Now, security footage of the rescue has been released.

All last week, Danny Trejo was being heralded as a real-life superhero when he came rushing to the aide of an overturned car at the scene of a dangerous and potentially deadly accident in Los Angeles. Along with the young Monica Jackson, the actor and his underaged helper managed to free a 5-year-old boy who was hanging upside down in his carseat.

The boy was sitting in the back seat of his grandmother’s SUV when another car T-boned the vehicle, going through a red light and crossing into the intersection. This caused the SUV to flip on its top. Now, security footage shows the accident happen. And soon after, you can see a man in a white T-shirt who rushes in to help. No, that’s not Machete coming to aide the frightened family. It’s his real-life doppelg&änger Danny Trejo of Trejo’s Tacos.

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Shortly after Trejo arrives to help, others appear alongside him. Danny’s first instinct was to go to the driver’s side and help the grandmother, but she insists that he first free her grandson from the backseat, who happens to be a special needs child. Danny Trejo had this to say about the accident shortly after it happened.

“There was a little boy, about 5, and he was screaming. I climbed in the car, and the worst thing you can smell is gas. I’m trying and I couldn’t reach it and then this little girl from the other side is like “I got it I got it” and she pushed the button and I pulled the little boy out and I’m holding him and then she went to the grandma.”

After talking with the grandmother, Danny rushed to the backseat but couldn’t get the carseat loose to get the 5 year-old out. Monica Jackson was on the scene to help and also became a hero alongside Danny Trejo. Trejo claims Monica was the real life saver in the moment, as his hand was too big to fit in and unlatch the child, but Monica fit her hand in perfectly. Danny knew that the kid he was rescuing from the overturned SUV was special needs right away, and says this about calming the young boy at the scene.

“I’m holding him like this and I started talking about ‘wait a minute. We’ve got to use our superpowers’, and so he goes ‘superpowers!'” That seemed to do the trick, and after they got everyone out of the car the mother was very grateful for the help. The mom was pretty shook up but she gave me a hug.”

All of last weekend, Danny Trejo made the rounds to his various restaurants around Los Angeles. Asked how he felt after becoming a real-life superhero, the iconic actor, who has appeared in over 300 movies as both hero and villain, had this to say.

“I feel great, I feel great being able…I just feel great that the Lord put me right there in that spot to do what I did. That’s all. Pay attention. And the only thing that saved that little kid was his car seat, honest to God.”

Danny Trejo can be heard this weekend in the new release Dora and the Lost City of Gold, where he gives voice to Boots the Monkey. Danny Trejo will next be seen in Rob Zombie’s upcoming sequel 3 From Hell. He also has over twenty more movies that he has already shot, or that are in pre-production right now. You can check out Danny Trejo in action in real life in the video below. This video comes from CBS News.

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