Marvel May Release A ‘Giant Infinity Saga Box Set’ Including The ‘Really Bad Scenes’


Marvel Studios just reached a couple of major milestones: successful culminating its 23-film “Infinity Saga” with Avengers: Endgame, and producing a film that has become the highest-grossing film of all time! It’s an accomplishment deserving of a victory lap and, according to Marvel President Kevin Feige, they may have a home release on the way to do just that. In his words:

Kevin Feige is not only teasing a giant box set of the film franchise that would include the first three phases of the universe, but the inclusion of some “really, REALLY bad scenes.” That would be in addition to the high-quality deleted scenes that were actually heartbreaking to cut — like the Avengers (minus Gamora) kneeling for Tony Stark in Endgame.

The Marvel chief continued on that note during a recent Q&A (via Empire):

In other words: Now that the finished products of Marvel’s films have done incredibly well and distinguished themselves as successes, it’s time to release all the unreleased mishaps. Kevin Feige is confident enough in the series to bring the fans all the fun tidbits that didn’t make it into the theatrical versions, and they may be coming for fans ready to spend the cash on an “Infinity Saga” box set.

Recently, a big Endgame deleted scene was released showing the Avengers paying tribute to Tony after his sacrifice. It’s certainly an emotional scene, and one we’re happy to have seen even if it didn’t make it into the final cut. The filmmakers decided to cut it because they felt the epic funeral scene was ultimately a better tribute to the hero. Plus, the movie was already over three hours long. The scene is just one of many ideas that had to be thrown away.

This is a genius idea! Marvel fans are incredible and love seeing what could have been, and now Kevin Feige is ready to bring on some footage that should not have been! There’s likely tons of extra footage about various characters in the universe that the filmmakers had to cut for time and in order to tighten the releases.

Are you excited for this “Infinity Saga” box set? What kinds of lost scenes will you be looking for? Sound off in the comments below!

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