Kathryn Dennis’ Mother, Allison Dennis, Dies From Cancer At 59

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Kathryn Dennis’ Mother, Allison Dennis, Dies From Cancer At 59

Kathryn Dennis was quite obviously raised as a fighter. She has consistently proven she’s not the one, and has little hesitation to let you know. The Southern Charm star has been controversial since the first day we met her, but she most certainly hasn’t been boring. Fans of the show have watched Kathryn spiral down the vortex of a relationship gone terribly wrong, and literally transform both her character and lifestyle.

Along the way, Kathryn had a support system going. Before she met Thomas Ravenel, they were there. During her stay in rehab, they were there. And when Kathryn made the decision to change her life for the better, they were still there. Allison and Luke Dennis have made their daughter and their grandchildren a priority. As Kathryn now fights to retain custody of her children, her parents have provided support. As Thomas keeps the justice system busy, details of his relationship with Kathryn have spilled into the media. Allison recently went to court to negate the claims Thomas has made against her daughter. Allison also had some fighting words of her own. What hasn’t been splashed in our faces is the fact that Kathryn’s mother was fighting a personal war. Now we have some sad news to report, and this is a hard hit for Kathryn, but she definitely comes from a strong woman.

According to The Blast, Allison Calhoun Dennis has passed away. She died on Wednesday, after an “extended illness.” A source for the Dennis family said, “Their family requests privacy while they mourn with the sad loss. They’re very private people and they want their time to cope.”

Kathryn’s mom was diagnosed with cancer and moved in with Kathryn while receiving treatments. Allison completed chemotherapy last year but experienced challenges earlier in 2019. After experiencing excruciating abdominal pains in May, Allison underwent emergency surgery. She was “expected to bounce back within weeks.”

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Allison has previously provided a testimony in Kathryn’s on-going custody struggle. She recently claimed she believed Kathryn was possibly drugged by Thomas during their relationship. Unfortunately, Allison witnessed several disturbing scenes while the couple was still together.

She also addressed allegations from Thomas that she “did all the work” with Kensie and Saint stating, “I realize that Thomas is going to try and imply that I do everything for the children of Kathryn, but that is not true.” Perhaps Kathryn was not only parenting her children, but caring for her ailing mother as well.

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Funeral plans have not been announced at this time. We would like to offer our sincere condolences to the family.


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