Who Won Love Island USA?


Love Island USA has officially come to an end. 

Tonight, after about a month in a beautiful villa in Fiji, one couple was deemed the winning couple and handed a check for $100,000. And obviously to anyone who’s been watching from day one, it was Zac and Elizabeth. Those two have literally been together since the first moments of the show! 

But of course, as there usually is with this show, there was a small twist. Arielle had Zac and Elizabeth each choose one of two envelopes. One envelope held the money, and one had nothing. Elizabeth ended up opening the one with the money, and had to choose whether to keep it or share it, which was apparently not a difficult decision. She chose to share it, and now they get to go live happily ever after, after a dip in the pool. 

Most of the rest of the episode was spent allowing the final four couples—Zac and Elizabeth, Caro and Ray, Weston and Emily, and Alexandra and Dylan—a last romantic day together. They ate together and wrote love letters to each other, and then were just forced to stare at each other while the women took the long walk over to where the nicely dressed men were waiting. 

In their fancy outfits, the couples all read their love letters out loud, and everybody cried before they had one of those slo-mo dance parties we’re definitely going to miss seeing on a daily basis. 

Each couple then got to sit down with Arielle and relive their journey so far before they finally announced the order of the finalists. 

Weston and Emily (who only met on day 18) were in fourth place, while Caro and Ray (who met on day 12) were in third. Alexandra and Dylan, who met on day 4, landed in second place. 

Love Island will return to CBS next summer. 

Stay tuned to E! News tomorrow to hear from the winners and more about the secrets of Love Island

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