Shannon Beador Says Emily Simpson Is Not A Fun Person; Doesn’t Know Why She And Emily Are Not Closer

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Well, we made it through the first episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County. It was great catching up with all the ladies. Many of the cast members have had significant life changes since last season. Kelly Dodd has a new plastic surgeon boyfriend Brian Reagan–and some recent cosmetic enhancements. Tamra Judge has a new house. Gina Kirschenheiter also has a new house–and unfortunately, a new DUI. Is a bail bond an appropriate housewarming gift? Just asking!

Shannon Beador–well, she has a whole new attitude. After several seasons of divorce drama with ex David Beador, formerly bitter Shannon seems lighter–both in the weight she has worked hard to lose–and in spirit. From the looks of the season trailer, Fun Shannon has officially landed in Orange County. Shannon might be up for all sorts of merriment these days, but she thinks one of her co-stars is a bit of a downer.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Shannon dished on co-star, Emily Simpson. In regards to why she and Emily are not closer, Shannon revealed, “You’d probably have to ask Emily that question, and she’d come up with some cockamamie answer. I mean, I called her. She said to me all last season, ‘Where’s Fun Shannon? I wanna see Fun Shannon.’ ”

Can’t Emily see that Fun Shannon is back? Anyone who can casually throw the word “cockamamie” into an answer has to be at least a little bit fun! Professional party planner Emily should recognize fun when she sees it.

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Shannon also wonders why Emily has singled her out in questioning her personal fun factor. She states, “And my question right back is, well, where’s Fun Emily? Because I don’t see a lot of fun. And this year, I don’t see that much fun either.”

As Shannon is the certified driver of the Newport Beach Tres Amigas Fun Bus, she should know fun–or lack of fun–when she sees it. If what Shannon says is true, it might be a long season of Emily reprimanding her co-stars and fighting with her husband, Shane (Lil’ Bitch) Simpson. Something I don’t think any viewers want to see.

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None of Shannon’s comments are meant in disrespect, of course. She says, “I don’t mean to be cruel to her, but you know, if you’re going to say that I’m not fun, like, look at yourself too.” Maybe Shannon and Emily could take a reliable Facebook “fun factor” quiz together and settle the matter once and for all!

Shannon and Emily never really connected last season. It is hard to figure out why as they have some things in common. Both are mothers of twins–that should at least be a conversation starter. Each of them is very family-oriented and have/had lightening rod husbands that polarize viewers. Both have quirky senses of humor and a serious side. Maybe Shannon and Emily will connect more as the season progresses. All I ask is that “Who is more fun?” is not a storyline this season!

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[Photo Credit: Phillip Faraone/Bravo]

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