Running with the Devil Trailer Teams Nicolas Cage & Laurence Fishburne in Cocaine Thriller


Quiver Distribution dropped the trailer for the Nicolas Cage-led thriller Running with the Devil today. The National Treasure actor stars alongside the Matrix’s Laurence Fishburne in the drug trafficking flick where, “From the fields to the streets, everyone is running with the devil.”

When a cocaine shipment is compromised, the drug cartel’s CEO, known as The Boss (Crawl‘s Barry Pepper) orders his most trusted henchman, Cage’s The Cook, to audit the company’s supply chain. Or as Nicolas Cage says in the trailer, he has “administrative issues [he has] to attend to.” Joining him on the dangerous journey is a master drug trafficker known as The Man (Academy Award Nominee Laurence Fishburne).

The drugs are making their “perilous trek across international borders past gangsters, refiners, and couriers,” but they’re also being tracked by Federal Agents under The Agent in Charge played by Leslie Bibb (Iron Man) who, the trailer tells us, doubles the task force. Unfortunately, by the time The Cook realizes where the drug network is breaking down, it may be too late. He might not be able to keep the cartel and The Boss satisfied.

The film is written and directed by Jason Cabell. This will be his first solo directorial project and the second film he has penned. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cabell, a former Navy SEAL, pulled from his real-life experiences to create the film. He reportedly served in more than 100 countries, including a stint in which he worked closely with the DEA in Colombia.

Running With the Devil is produced by Patriot Pictures’ Michael Mendelsohn alongside Jim Steele (Vengeance: A Love Story and& USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage). Mike Nilon, Etchie Stroh& and Natalie Perrotta are executive producing. The film stars Nicolas Cage as The Cook, Cole Hauser as The Executioner, Clifton Collins Jr. as The Farmer, Laurence Fishburne as The Man, Leslie Bibb as The Agent in Charge, Barry Pepper as The Boss, Peter Facinelli as Number One, Adam Goldberg as The Snitch, Natalia Reyes as The Woman, Sarah Minnich as The Wife, and Tait Fletcher as The Collector.

Nicolas Cage has amassed a filmography of more than 100 films that range anywhere from romantic or family comedies like Moonstruck and The Family Man, cult classics like Face/Off and Gone in 60 Seconds, despised films like The Wicker Man and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and largely unseen movies like Pay the Ghost and Dying of the Light.

He’s found moderate success in a couple of his recent projects, however. He lended his voice for a small role in the hugely successful, both critically and financially, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. Cage played the noir version of Spider-Man in the uniquely animated film. His recent trek into surrealism and violence found solid reviews. Mandy follows a couple who find tragedy during a run-in with a hippie cult and demon-biker henchmen in a secluded forest. In other words, we don’t know what to expect from a Cage film these days, but the new trailer has us curious.

Running With the Devil hits theaters on September 20. The trailer comes direct from Quiver Distribution.

Running With the Devil poster

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