Meet the Temptation Island Season 2 Couples


Four new couples are heading to Temptation Island. The new season will feature the couples facing new tempting situations in Maui, Hawaii where 24 sexy single men and women are on hand to help everyone realize who “the one” is. Get ready for some hot and heavy nights!

Meet the new couples—Ashley H. and Casey; Ashley G. and Rick; Kate and David; Esonica and Gavin—now and take a peek at the new trailer below. Will the ground rules be obeyed? Will anybody give in to temptation? The new season begins in October…

Ashley H., 25, and Casey, 26
Current city: Deland, Florida
Dating: 1.5 years

Ashley, a dental assistant, and Casey, who is in online sales, met on a popular dating app and say it was “love at first swipe.” Casey’s a self-confessed party boy and said he was only looking for a casual thing, but it quickly turned into something more with Ashley. However, after recently moving in together, the two hit a rough patch. Ashley has been burned before and is weary of Casey’s partying past, and Casey is adamant he won’t pay the price for other men’s mistakes. Will a desire for the single life he left behind and Ashley’s trust issues lead to temptation?

Ashley G., 30, and Rick, 32
Current city: Boston
Dating: 4 years

Ashley, a store manager, and Rick, a model, knew there were sparks on their first date. But the other kind of sparks fly when Rick flights behind Ashley’s back. Rick says he loves Ashley, but he wants to have fun and let loose…even if it hurts Ashley. For her part, Ashley tries to ignore Rick’s behavior, but can she truly put up with it for forever? Will Rick’s eye wander on the island?

Kate, 34, and David, 28
Current city: Hoboken, NJ
Dating: 3 years

The couple, who were rival sales executives, turned into lovers and have been living together for three years. They both say they’ve been faithful, however infidelity in their past—Kate cheated on an ex-husband, David on an ex-girlfriend—has fostered a sense of mistrust below the surface. Kate’s ready for a family life, but the younger David is hesitant to take the next steps. Will the island force one’s hand?

Esonica, 30, and Gavin, 26
Current city: Decatur, GA
Dating: 1.5 years

Esonica, a leasing professional, and Gavin, who is in private security, are on the precipice of change. She’s ready to be engaged, but is a life-long commitment in the cards for Gavin? With past infidelity, will Gavin remain on thin ice forever? Can they start fresh and begin a new life together?

Temptation Island begins in October on USA Network.

(E! and USA are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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