Marrying Millions Recap: No Pressure, No Diamond

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Marrying Millions is too iconic for us to not be talking about. We know the season is already underway, but it’s too good to avoid recapping any longer. The show follows numerous couples on the verge of committing to marriage. The catch? One half of the couple is VERY RICH BITCH, and the other half is very NOT.

These couples are all so dysfunctional, and that makes it ooh so good to watch. Some have MASSIVE age gaps. We’re talking decades of difference in age. Others have family that simply doesn’t approve. It’ll all comes down to trust, and there doesn’t seem to be much when it comes to these couples. However, we are already so hooked, glued, and attached to this perfect train wreck treat. We think you will be too.

Bill & Brianna

Marrying Millions Recap: No Pressure, No Diamond

Bill Hutchinson and Brianna are in Miami, and WOW his house is ENORMOUS. I still can’t get over how rich these people are. Well, not Brianna. She doesn’t really have any money.

Brianna wants to move on after his ex-wife told her that Bill has been cheating on her. We all agree that Bill is cheating on her though, right?

He told her in the first episode that he would bring someone else to an event if she didn’t escort him. His ex wife LITERALLY said that he had another woman with him at an event. Brianna cannot be that naive. Nobody is that naive.

She doesn’t come across as the gold digging type, so I’m thinking she’s just VERY sheltered. Their lifestyles are so opposite that she doesn’t really understand the ins and outs of his.

Also, I’m having trouble moving past the four decade age gap. That’s basically two entire generations in between them.

Bill has a surprise for Brianna, and it’s a boat. He thinks if he buys her a boat, she will be down to move to Miami. I don’t think he understands her at all.

First of all, she hates surprises. We learned that when made her hangout with his ex wife. That didn’t go well, and she said to never do that again.

Bill says that if he moves to Miami, Brianna will follow. I guess money gives you that sense of power, but damn the ego is REAL.

He tells her he is buying the boat to move to Miami, and I sense a major conversation coming. I love how much sass she gives him.She’s the one person on this show that I could say easily walking away from their relationship.

Bill calls himself the leader of their household, which is not very 2019 of him. Does he not understand that woman DO have a voice?

Brianna is frustrated that Bill is making decisions without consulting her. She’s never lived beyond Dallas, and he doesn’t even know anyone in Miami. He wants to help her avoid the issues people have with her in Dallas. That is such a rich person’s way to fix the actual issue.

Something about their relationship makes me think this will end up on a true crime show one day. However, that isn’t how Brianna sees it. Ultimately, Bill is able to convince her to move to Miami. Let the next chapter begin!

Gentille & Brian

Marrying Millions Recap: No Pressure, No Diamond

Gentille ChChun is upset that Brian abruptly left her birthday party without saying a word. That IS super weird. Who just storms out of their lover’s party with no goodbye or anything? SOMETHING IS SO OFF ABOUT HIM.

He bought her an antique pearl necklace as a gift, but it was fake. Her main issue isn’t even the quality of the gift. Gentille is more upset that Brian didn’t show up until the party was half over.

Brian’s upset though that she had strippers at the party, and he feels disrespected. Sit down Brian, you will be fine.

Gentille confronts Brian over saying her friend should use a strap-on to be with her. That was SUCH a weird comment to make. What a way to completely creep out her friends.

She says if Brian can take ownership for his actions. she can also apologize. He wants to build a life together, but I think this relationship is dead in the water.

Keeping a secret like living with his parents from her was the biggest red flag ever. His behavior both times he met her friends was so off the rails. He’s making a horrible impression and hopefully Gentille takes note of it.

I can’t figure out what it is yet, but there has to be more secrets to this man. Something isn’t right. His momma attachment is likely not his only issue.

Gentille arranges a couple’s massage to do something nice for Brian. He didn’t know what to do because he’s never had one before. Also, he was moaning SO loud. Has he ever been around other people before?

He prefers staying in like this, and he needs that break from her friends. His entire situation would blowup if he keeps hanging out around them. She wants a family so badly, but he questions if he can afford.

STOP IT. He knows that she would pay for everything. Brian is clearly pretending to be humbled by all of this, but his it all feels like an act to me. He agrees to start a family, but her desperation kids is clouding her judgment.

Sean & Megan

Marrying Millions Recap: No Pressure, No Diamond

Sean Lourdes and Megan Thomas visit her parents, and they are majorly different than his father. They’re all about love love love, and his dad was like “she wants your money”.

It’s such an interesting contrast in outlooks. I get it though. His father was badly burned in the past by marriage, and he’s just looking out for his son. I think it’s more about protecting Sean than it is Megan’s intentions.

His dad got in his head a little when it comes to marrying Megan. Sean’s dad wants a prenup, but he doesn’t want to bring it up to Megan.

His anxious behavior is catching Megan’s attention, but she doesn’t know what’s going on. I don’t think she will react well to the prenup at all.

She stormed off on the boat when they told his father about the marriage. If she couldn’t handle that, this will send her over the edge.

It’s wedding dress shopping for Megan! Her budget has massively increased since the last time she went shopping with her mom. This isn’t prom anymore!

She looks stunning in every gown she tries on. Despite the fun, Megan doesn’t feel as excited as she should right now. Part of her keeps thinking back to Sean’s behavior and thinks his dad got in his head. Smart cookie! That’s definitely what’s going on.

I don’t think Sean actually thinks Megan wants all of his money. However, I also believe he doesn’t want to ever disappoint his father.

Megan breaks down into tears in the most Tinsley Mortimer way possible. If you don’t get the reference, check out The Real Housewives of New York City. You’ll thank me later.

Back home, Megan confronts Sean about his recent behavior. He opens up about how he’s struggling with the idea of getting married. It’s a little weird that he is so scared to marry her but proposed anyway.

He asks why she can’t sign the prenup, and she’s totally insulted by the idea of it. She actually called it a “sword in her heart”. That’s a little bit dramatic. She storms off, and now everything is in question.

Drew & Rosie

Marrying Millions Recap: No Pressure, No Diamond

Rosie Marin is finally moved into Drew Gemma’s loft, and she’s finally away from her judgmental parents. They want nothing to do with him. They won’t even acknowledge his existence. HARSH.

She doesn’t know what to think about some of her findings since moving in. First, she found A LOT of condoms. Drew was living his best life.

He says quite a few women visited the loft after his divorce. Rosie is shocked, but I’m not sure what she expected. Hey at least he was using protection.

She asks him if he’s ever cheated on anyone, and he’s very upfront. Drew admits to past cheating, but doesn’t go in depth. Her insecurities are showing, and she doesn’t seem as happy as she should be.

It’s almost like Rosie WANTS to be unhappy. She wasn’t happy at her parent’s house, and now she’s found an issue here. Girl, make up your mind!

Drew IS BUYING ROSE AN ENGAGEMENT RING. ABORT. That is not how you fix your problems. If you’re having fundamental relationship issues, marriage is not the answer. All that is going to do is heighten any existing cracks in the foundation.

He starts pouring his heart out to the woman at the jewelry store. This lady probably hears so many intense stories all day every day. It’s a little weird to me though.

Shawn & Kate

Marrying Millions Recap: No Pressure, No Diamond

Shawn isn’t just a business man. He’s also a rapper. Isn’t everyone. He compares himself to Jay-Z, and my heart really couldn’t take that. HOW DARE YOU? I haven’t actually heard Shawn rap, but no you’re not Jay-Z.

Kate thinks he is the most talented man on the planet, and is really supportive. She finds his on stage attitude very hot. I think he really tries! A for effort!

Kate feels weird watching Shawn chat with female fans after his performance. She doesn’t like it at all. She wants to leave. What does she expect? He can’t NOT interact with the people who make him this money.

Why is she being so insecure right now? She is so against him talking to any other females, but it comes with the territory. Shawn is an entertainer, and she needs to deal. Sorry Kate, but you kind of should’ve known what to expect.


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