Kathryn Dennis & Ashley Jacobs Come Face To Face For The First Time In A Year On Tonight’s Southern Charm

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Love him or loathe him, Austen Kroll has been carrying this season of Southern Charm. What is everyone else doing? Eliza Limehouse is a complete non-factor. Why is she a full-time cast member when Danni Baird has been a “friend of the cast” this whole time? Naomie Olindo brings nothing to the table. Cameran Eubanks has never had an actual storyline.

And in contrast, we have Austen, whose tumultuous relationship with Madison LeCroy, has provided a constantly-changing storyline. The season started with him cheating on her with not one, but two women at the same time. Shep Rose and Craig Conover got overly involved in their relationship and exposed Madison for sliding in Danni’s man’s direct messages. Now, it looks like the couple is getting back together. For now, anyway.

On the next Southern Charm episode, Austen tells Madison, “You are what I want and I want to make this work. I love you.” Cue a riot from Shep and Craig.

Shep actually goes to lunch with Cameran to discuss Austen’s love life because they have nothing else to talk about.  Cameran declares, “She has something on him. Maybe he’s like a sexual deviant.” That’s when Shep takes his third wheeling a little too seriously. He reveals to Cameran, “I know he is. Valentine’s day he spelled out ‘but stuff’ in rose petals and she said ‘OK.’”

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After dating that gross senator who was dehydrated for camera time, Kathryn Dennis has a new man. On tonight’s Southern Charm episode, she tells Danni, “Girl, I’m in love. I have so much to tell you. You have no idea.”

Eliza continues doing the most, yet not enough at all, by hosting a fox hunt. Ugh. Before that, she meets with Ashley Jacobs, who wonders, “Do you think that Kathryn would ever sit down and talk to me?” No, not unless she is contractually obligated to.

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Ashley claims, “I just hope I get another chance.” Another chance at what? Camera time. Duh.

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