Gina Kirschenheiter Wants Husband Drug Tested Amid Custody Battle

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Gina Kirschenheiter has been working overtime, y’all. She functions as a single mom of three but, is the Real Housewives of Orange County star buckling under pressure? 2019 started on a rough note for Gina and didn’t really improve. January found the Housewife cited for blowing through a stop sign. In February, Gina was busted for a DUI and arrested. But her troubles didn’t stop there. As Tamra Judge hailed Gina the “rockstar” of the current season, her personal life kept going downhill. Becoming a regular poster child for Uber, Gina was ticketed once again in February for using her cell phone while driving. After Gina managed to skip court for the DUI charges, a warrant for her arrest was issued.

Gina ultimately pled guilty for driving under the influence and avoided jail time. During these numerous traffic violations, Gina was maybe, possibly, conceivably making headway in her marriage. Matt Kirschenheiter was showing up all over Gina’s social media and it looked like the couple was repairing their troubled relationship. Unfortunately, the journey to reconciliation wound up being the journey to jail for Matt. As the fallout continues, Gina is now making demands of her estranged husband and, hopefully, making better decisions for herself.

Gina’s freshman season was a whirlwind. Her husband Matt was unable to film due to his job, but the dude didn’t live at their Orange County home anyway. Basically, he was never seen and fans wondered if he was having an affair the marriage was intact. Gina alluded to difficulties and faced relationship issues during Season 13. The couple wound up filing for divorce in April of this year. After a Father’s Day post that implied the two were once again playing footsie under the table, all hell broke loose.

A brutal argument sent Matt to the slammer for assaulting his wife. After returning home from a “night out”, Matt ALLEGEDLY began hitting and choking Gina repeatedly. While Matt lost his job as a result of the arrest, at this time he has not been charged with a crime. Gina sought and received a restraining order after the violent outburst. Now Gina wants Matt tested for drugs and according to court papers, he has a “drug and alcohol problem”.

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As reported by Yahoo!, filed documents show Gina is bidding for a clause requiring Matt to undergo substance abuse testing. Gina has requested “new terms be added to the temporary custody agreement reached with Matt Kirschenheiter over their kids. Gina asked for an emergency hearing to be set, and has asked a judge to order Matt ‘submit to random expanded urine drug/alcohol testing within 24 hours of’ her written request. The reality star said if he failed the test then his visitation should be terminated pending a hearing.”

Maybe the pot and the kettle should have the same terms.

Matt recently told Gina he is entering an inpatient/outpatient rehab facility for one month. Gina has pleaded with the judge overseeing the case to grant the testing “to prevent irreparable harm and imminent risk to our children’s health, safety and well-being.”

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Due to the events detailed this year alone, perhaps both parents could benefit from substance abuse counseling. In the best interest of the children and all.

When responding to the solicitation, Matt shared his concerns, alluding to Gina’s multiple run-ins with the law. He accused Gina of “using their divorce to further her ‘story’ of domestic violence”. Matt claimed Gina shot extra scenes for the new season of RHOC to speak on the domestic violence allegations. It always seems to go back to the storyline, but are Bravo producers forcing them to drink excessively or ALLEGEDLY do drugs?

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Matt also dropped the 411 on their recreational activities, he said they “used to recreationally smoke marijuana and drink” together. Matt admits he only considered rehab after Gina demanded it.

In July, Gina and Matt negotiated an interim plan which allowed him to have supervised visitation with their three kids. Per the arrangement, Matt received a few days with the children. So much for that whole amicable divorce plan! The case continues while waiting on the judge’s decision. If we’re thinking about the kids, maybe both parents should endure the process of removing alcohol and ALLEGED drugs from their lives. If we’re thinking about a soap opera storyline, don’t change a thing.

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