Julie Chen Reveals Who She Thinks Is Running the Big Brother House

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Big Brother’s Julie Chen Moonves reveals who she believes is running the house. The BB host, who has been the face of the show since 2000, has seen many players come and go. With that, there have been many alliances; however, Julie feels this season is a little different. 

“I don’t think there’s been genuine alliances formed,” she told People. “There’s been a lot of deception in that house, and the bonds just haven’t been as strong. The showmances even feel a little bit [like] just a matter of convenience rather than true love.”

Who is running the BB house?

There’s been a lot going on this season. From Jared Fields to Cameron Hardin, it’s hard to get a gauge on who actually has control of the game. But there’s one player that’s shifted everything recently, and that’s Cory Wurtenberger. 

“He has the gift of being a persuasive speaker,” Julie said about the 22-year-old college student. “He also has a fair amount of people under his belt, not just America, and that’s a duo right there. I mean, Jag is good at winning games, but he hasn’t been able to steer the direction of the house.”

During a recent double eviction episode, Cory snagged the Head of Household competition, sending Jared home. However, he was able to stay in the house a week longer, thanks to a little twist. But according to Jules, that was more of a one-time thing. 

“The little zombie twists, that kind of stuff, is just a fun thing,” Julie continued. “They don’t necessarily tell me weeks in advance on something like that.”

As of now, we still have some time left before the series finale, but with this season’s twists and turns, anything could happen to change the course of this game. 


Julie Chen

Where’s the lie?

Who are you banking on?

Luke Valentine, Big Brother

He wants consistency.

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