Jenna Lyons Responds To Support From Fans Following Recent RHONY Episodes

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Jenna Lyons has felt like something of a reality TV anomaly, especially in the world of Housewives. Some considered her too successful to join the ranks of The Real Housewives of New York. But it wasn’t just her success that made her seem enigmatic.

Her approach to reality TV felt so different from other Housewives. She sought to listen to her co-stars before jumping to conclusions. And perhaps it was her level-headed nature that made fans so enamored with her from the get-go.

The fashionista was soon enough called the breakout star of RHONY, which was high praise considering how beloved the other new cast members have become. And it would seem Jenna’s pleased with the impact she’s had as well.

Jenna explains “the best part” of being on RHONY

Jenna spoke with The New York Post at Sergio Hudson’s New York Fashion Week. The new RHONY star got the chance to speak on the fan response to her time on the show so far. She said, “The best part is, I think, the feedback that I get from people who make me feel like they’re awkward too and have a hard time in social situations.”

Jenna continued, “I think most people don’t talk about it, and to be on a show like that and to admit that I feel awkward and insecure in some of those situations – a lot of people have been like, ‘Thank you so much for saying that.’” One reason Jenna is so beloved is because she seems so genuine compared to Housewives of the past. She breaks the typical Housewife mold.

On RHONY, Jenna has also opened up about her genetic disorder, incontinentia pigmenti. Fans know she has fake hair and teeth as a result, but many fans have related to her there as well. She explained, “It’s nice to connect with someone and actually make someone feel seen,” adding, “What’s nice is being able to have an impact on someone’s life, someone I’ve never met.”

Real Housewives of New York continues Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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