‘Sssshhh…’ – Bollywood Remake of ‘Scream’ Becomes a SCREAMBOX SVOD Exclusive on February 3!


Ghostface returns to theaters on March 10 in Scream VI, which means you have two more months to revisit the franchise up to this point. There are of course five Scream movies to date, but did you know that there’s also an unofficial Bollywood remake of the slasher classic?!

Titled Sssshhh…, the Bollywood version of Scream was released in 2003, seven years after Wes Craven’s horror masterpiece changed the game and pulled apart slasher conventions. As Paul Lê explained right here on Bloody Disgusting last year, “The bones of the original story are here, but everything else feels absolutely unfamiliar to Ghostface fans.”

Sssshhh… was directed by Pavan S. Kaul and written by Arshad Ali Syed, and we’re excited to announce that the film is coming to SCREAMBOX in time for Scream VI‘s arrival in theaters.

The Bollywood film becomes a SCREAMBOX SVOD Exclusive on February 3, 2023!

The storyline? Paul explains, “Sssshhh… begins with the murder of two college students, Malini (Simone Singh) and her boyfriend. Malini is slaughtered on campus by a knife-wielding stranger wearing a black cloak and a clown mask. The killer, dubbed the Joker, goes dormant until six months later when he returns to stalk Malini’s sister, Mehak (Tanishaa Mukerji).

“She and all her friends are now on the Joker’s to-kill list.”

Paul’s article continues, “By now everyone is asking whether or not Sssshhh… is a faithful remake of Scream. Without giving the ending away, this film loves to color outside the lines while also retaining quintessential concepts. There is still a high amount of unpredictability going on here, though. A film like this is at its most effective when the viewers are forced to ponder what else could happen in such an offbeat and uniquely Indian reimagining of an American cult classic. While it is definitely not a patch on the original, and a number of things get lost in translation, Sssshhh… is a loud remake rich in regional charm and bold choices.”

Watch the Sssshhh… trailer over on YouTube now!

You can stream Sssshhh… beginning February 3 with SCREAMBOX on iOS, Android, Prime Video, Roku, YouTube TV, Samsung, Comcast, Cox, and Screambox.com.

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