Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 12 Finale Recap: Who Is The Leak?

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Last time on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna didn’t accept Kathy Hilton’s apology. Rinna also put Kyle Richards in an uncomfortable position with her sister, Kathy.

Birkins And Bubbles

Garcelle Beauvais throws a Birkins and Bubbles party for her RHOBH co-stars. Hilariously, she has employed Patrick, who served as Kathy’s butler at last season’s Dinner Party from Hell Part 2. I love him! After some chants of encouragement, Garcelle finally buys her first Birkin for $13, 999. It’s called peer pressure, Garcelle.

Rinna Is Still “Shook” Up

Kyle privately gives Garcelle a rundown of what happened in Aspen, since Garcelle didn’t go to the club. Rinna tells the group that Kathy did apologize. But she also tells the ladies that she locked herself in her bedroom during Kathy’s meltdown because she was scared and was “shook.” Rinna tells Kyle that she hopes that Kathy gets help.

An Elegant Affair

Kyle is hosting an event for the Princess Grace Foundation. The charity is named after Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco. It is the U.S launch of a luxury brand, with all proceeds going to charity. The RHOBH ladies can borrow millions of dollars in diamonds to wear and can even purchase jewelry.

The black-tie event features gorgeous chandeliers hanging from trees. It also features Diana Jenkins’ fiancé, Asher Monroe, shirtless with a suit jacket and sparkling red shoes. Kyle’s bestie Faye Resnick is also at the event.

The Story Is Out There

On the way to Kyle’s house, Rinna and Erika Jayne discuss the stories about Kathy in the press. Rinna tells Erika that her publicist was contacted for information and that Kathy is sending off cease and desist letters.

Meanwhile, Kyle is upset that someone is leaking the details about Kathy’s behavior in Aspen. She feels that Erika and Rinna were the most upset by Kathy’s actions. Kathy apologized, and now Kyle wants them to let it go because it is hurting her.

Garcelle Has A Theory

Kathy is out of town and isn’t attending the event. Kyle asks Garcelle if she has talked to Kathy. According to Garcelle, Kathy is pissed. Kathy is angry that an unflattering story is out about her, and that she apologized to Rinna.

Kyle explained that Erika and Rinna told her that Kathy said bad things about her. Garcelle points out that if Rinna and Erika were truly her friends, they would drop the subject. Garcelle thinks that talking about Kathy distracts from Erika’s recent problems and behavior.

Who Is Leaking Stories?

When the ladies all gather after dinner, Garcelle asks Rinna what Kathy needed to apologize for. She tells Rinna and Erika that they need to let it go. Rinna becomes upset and accuses Garcelle of having an attitude.

But Garcelle is just getting warmed up. She remarks that now everyone is talking about Kathy and not Erika. Erika states that Kathy has to own her bad behavior. Poor Kyle wants to have her whole family at her daughter Farrah Aldjufrie’s upcoming wedding.

Rinna responds by saying that Kathy was making comments that could ruin people’s lives. Rinna isn’t going to hold it in and get cancer from it and die. DRAMA QUEEN. And don’t worry, Kyle. Rinna is protecting you.

Erika wants Kathy to be dragged like she has been. Kyle tells her friends that they are hurting her, but they respond that Kathy is the one punishing her. Not them.

Kyle Has Receipts

Sutton Stracke asks Rinna and Erika if either of them leaked the Aspen story to the tabloids. Erika replies that she doesn’t know how to do that. Well, Kathy did an investigation, and it was allegedly Erika’s publicist who was leaking the stories. Kyle also shared that someone was sending out a play-by-play from Erika’s Pretty Mess Hair pop-up shop.

Erika asks Kyle for the receipts, and Kyle agrees to send them. Garcelle asks Rinna why she defended Erika without asking her if she knew about the leak from her camp. No one can pull the wool over Garcelle’s eyes.

Rinna calls it “bullsh*t” in her confessional and says that Kyle is just covering for her sister. Erika is furious because she is being dragged for things she allegedly had no part in, and Kathy won’t take responsibility for her actions. And, by the way, Kathy Hilton isn’t well known enough to take the heat off Erika. Rinna states that there is “a really dangerous game” being played.

As Erika and Rinna are leaving the party, Rinna exclaims, “If it’s not out now, it’s gonna be out!” Kyle asks her friends to drop it. Erika coolly says she isn’t saying a word and asks her to send what she has on the leak. In the end, if Kyle is forced to choose between her friends and her sister, she will side with her blood.

Updates On The Ladies

Dorit Kemsley is still working on overcoming the trauma from her home invasion. Crystal Kung Minkoff is seeing a specialist for her eating disorder, and she adopted a puppy.

Unfortunately, Diana suffered another miscarriage in May of 2022. Sutton is still dating Sanjit. Garcelle’s memoir came out in April.

A judge in one of the lawsuits against Erika ruled that she did not know about her estranged husband Tom Girardi’s alleged crimes. Oh, and Erika is trying to get her diamond earrings back.
Rinna and her family went to Oregon to honor her late mother, Lois Rinna. Rinna admitted that this has been the toughest year of her life.

Kyle only saw Kathy a few times since Kathy’s apology. Kyle doesn’t know if Kathy and her family will attend Farrah’s wedding.


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