Erika Jayne Says Kyle Richards Wasn’t “Fair” To Dorit Kemsley During Aspen Fight; Kyle Slams Erika And Dorit As “Very Selfish”

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast trip to Aspen was wild. Much of the drama swirled around Erika Jayne, and a growing fracture in the RHOBH’s Fox Force Five.

In Aspen, Garcelle Beauvais and Crystal Kung Minkoff asked Erika why she doesn’t return the $1.4 million earrings that her estranged husband, Tom Girardi, gave her. That money could help the victims. Then Erika exploded. “I don’t give a f*ck about anyone else but me,” Erika said. She also refused to admit that there were actual victims. She sported those earrings during the trip. Oof.

Kyle Richards tried to get her friend to express empathy for the victims. “I just don’t understand not being able to say, ‘Yes, there are victims. I feel terrible about the victims,’” Kyle explained.
Erika continued to rage before leaving the house with Lisa Rinna. Later, Erika returned and packed up her belongings with Dorit Kemsley’s help. Erika left Kyle’s house to stay with Diana Jenkins.

The next day, Erika was declaring victory because the Lion Air Flight 610 crash lawsuit against her and Tom in Illinois was dismissed. But the lawsuit against Tom and Erika was being refiled in California. So, not a real victory.

Kyle planned a group outing to her favorite store, Kemo Sabe. Erika refused to go, and Dorit decided to stay with Erika and Diana.

According to Reality Blurb!, Erika shaded Kyle for the way that she treated Dorit on the RHOBH: After Show. “We even told [Dorit] to go. We’re like, ‘Go be with them. We know that they are expecting you,’” Erika stated. “[But Dorit] called and they were mad at [her]. [Dorit] ended up paying the price for being there for me during this process of, like, horrible sh-t,” Erika remarked. “And it just, it didn’t strike me as fair. Like, come on Kyle.”

Dorit comforted Erika because her friend was in a bad place. “[Erika] had spent the entire night crying and in pain, and the next day she didn’t want to go to this event that Kyle had put up with the hats,” Dorit explained. “At that point, I didn’t feel right or comfortable leaving Erika.”

She stated, “[Kyle] wouldn’t speak to me. I really felt very conflicted cause I wanted to be there for Kyle. I wanted to be there for Erika.” The fashion designer continued, “As a friend, it’s not like you’re choosing your favorite. You’re choosing the one that needs you the most and that’s what I did.”

But in Kyle’s mind, Dorit picked Erika over her. “I was so excited, and I wanted to get the girls all something, and for them all not to show up, just because Erika was mad at me, was upsetting,” Kyle remarked. “It threw off the whole dynamic. It’s like, all of the sudden, there was barely anybody there after I made this big effort and it really hurt my feelings a lot.”

Kyle added, “I thought it was very selfish of them.” Erika sneaking out of her home also upset Kyle. “I was insulted also, because I thought we’re good enough friends that we could’ve sat here in the morning, had coffee, and talked through this and worked it out,” Kyle remarked. “But she didn’t want to give that opportunity.”

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Erika commented that she no longer felt welcome in Kyle’s home. “My friend Kyle is yelling at me, she’s not understanding the place that I’m coming from, and I don’t feel welcome,” Erika remarked. “I’m out.”

Of course, Dorit felt Erika’s pain. “I understand where Erika was coming from by not feeling comfortable going back to Kyle’s after she just had an altercation,” Dorit shared. “I probably would’ve done the same exact thing.” She added, “Diana, in that moment, had said, ‘Listen, I have a bedroom,’ and just like she did with me, it was a very welcoming idea that made Erika feel comfortable.” Plus, Diana’s team of “ghost busters” probably removed any bad energy at the hotel.

Erika stated, “I appreciated [Dorit] being there because [she knows] me and [she] also [knows] what I’ve been through.” She continued, “And there’s only so much I can say, and I can’t continuously go to fight every night without feeling something.”

Erika indicated that the upcomging reunion was extremely tense, with no hugs or cast photos at the end. We all know that Aspen is going to be the topic at the reunion, and I am here for it!


[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]

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