ViennaCC Releases “Shopping Queen”

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Music and materials have always gone hand in hand. From Kanye’s “Gold Digger” to the obvious Madonna classic “Material Girl” it’s an inescapable theme that only grows more relevant with each passing decade. We’re at the height of decadence, with buying things easier than ever with the rise of corporations like Amazon and the slow death of Mom and Pop stores. It’s easy to be cynical and punch down on this current state, but Austrian musician ViennaCC takes a deliberately poppy and subversive take with his latest single “Shopping Queen.”

A self-described bohemian, Vienna couldn’t be farther from the subject matter that he tackles in this initially disjointed electronic, pop, pseudo barbershop quartet track. The humor in which he handles the subject matter becomes the song’s strongest attribute, lampooning the very type of person that Madonna gave tongue-in-cheek praise to in the 1980s. First thing that must be stated, is that this song upon first listen, might not be everyone’s cup of tea. The clashing of sounds while deliberately European, where genre as a binary means less and less daily, might scare away new listeners, those who stick around will be profoundly surprised how the song congeals greatly once it enters the second half. The electronic components only emphasize the artificiality that Vienna sings about, breaking down a character oriented piece about a person addicted to shopping. Opting to not overtly villainize them, but painting them as a victim of the allure of capitalism and brief dopamine rushes, all with a signature comedy stylings that gives the track a needed levity.

It’s hard not to chuckle when he describes this person as an almost Jane Jetson type figure, snatching the wallet of her companion with lines like “do not nag, give me your credit card, carry my bag.” It’s a song that’s incredibly transparent about who it’s satirizing, and that blunt albeit comedic honesty is rather refreshing compared to those painting shoppaholics as outright villains or vain airheads. It must also be stated that on a music production level, the track with its mis-mash of genre’s somehow combines electronic, spoken word, vocal harmonies that resemble 1940s ragtime and you’d think with that blend, you’re walking into a sonic mess, but it’s truly elevated by the sheer vision and consistency across all said genres. It’ll be interesting to see what an American audience thinks of the track, because in ways utilizing American sayings and imagery, it pokes fun at ourselves for falling into the trap.

When Vienna coyly references James Bond as being the only person who can live twice, a condemnation of wasting your own life on material goods, it’s both funny but almost carries a melancholy, like watching someone throw everything away in the pursuit of a cheap thrill. It’s a song that’s a lot smarter than what you might think on the surface and a breath of fresh air for this critic. While potentially divisive, it’s an astonishing comedic and rhythmic experiment that I believe succeeds on every level. Don’t be fooled by capitalism, be grateful we have people like Vienna giving us his talents for free.

Jodi Marxbury

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