Selling The OC’s Kayla Cardona Responds To Alex Hall’s Claims That She Tried To Sleep With Tyler Stanaland

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Selling The OC star Kayla Cardona has been in the hot seat this past week as the new Netflix series finally hit the streaming platform and has the fans buzzing.

If you’ve been following along, you’re familiar with the drama surrounding Kayla and her co-star Tyler Stanaland that took place both on and off-screen. In episode 5 of the first season, things started to turn left for Kayla as she was now in the hot seat for trying to kiss Tyler during a night out. Unfortunately, the moment wasn’t captured on camera, but the aftermath was.

Tyler of course stated how uncomfortable he was and that he would now have to set better boundaries with his co-star — more out of respect for his wife, Brittany Snow. He made sure to let Kayla know that her behavior was unacceptable and that it couldn’t happen again. Of course, Kayla was apologetic on camera… as she should be. But her apologies didn’t stop the rest of the cast (mainly the women) from coming for her. She got a lot of backlash, especially from girls like Alex Hall and Polly Brindle.

Now that the series has officially aired, the cast has been doing press regarding the show and man are they coming hard. In a previous interview, Alex Hall alleged that Kayla tried to “have sex” with Tyler on “multiple occasions” and that the advances made him “very uncomfortable.” Well, Kayla is responding and she has a lot to say. She told Page Six, “I actually recently heard about that [rumor]. That’s new, but just all I can really say to you is that it’s not true. It is simply a lie. All of it.”

I’m not saying one is right and the other is wrong. However, I find it odd that we didn’t hear about this on the show. Especially since a major storyline during the second half of the season revolved around Tyler and Kayla. If this is true, why not bring it up while filming?

Kayla said that tried to confront her co-star about it while they were out recently but couldn’t get into the full conversation because it wasn’t the right time. “It just kind of went through one ear and out the other, to be honest with you. I just don’t trust anything that comes out of her mouth,” she said.

Cardona also revealed recently that she felt the flirty vibes between the two were mutual and that’s what led to her initially trying to kiss him. While watching the show, I felt Kayla did receive a lot of negative backlash from her co-stars which was unwarranted because others on the cast also seemed to cross a line with the married man. “It wasn’t until I just [saw] all the backlash that I’ve been getting and watching back, and I’m just like you’re literally allowing people to suck and grab on your nose and allowing other women to sit on your lap. Like, there is a lot of hypocrisy. I think is pretty obvious,” she said.

And I totally agree with you, Kayla. Although trying to kiss someone who is married is wrong — I don’t think you were the only one whose feet needed to be held to the fire here. Clearly, we didn’t get to see it all play out, but the more and more info the cast is sharing is making for an interesting season 2. I can’t wait.


[Photo Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images]

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