Erika Jayne Served With $50 Million Lawsuit At The Airport After Hawaiian Vacation

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Probably not the best way to end a vacation. After Erika Jayne spent time on a tropical vacay with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costars Lisa Rinna and Diana Jenkins, she came home to a rude awakening.

As reported by Page Six, Erika was leaving LAX when a process server approached her and gave her a stack of documents. She was busy trying to avoid cameras and headed towards the baggage claim when the woman approached her. In a video obtained by Page Six, the server told her, “I just wanted to give you these documents. This is a summons and complaint to serve you.” The papers were for a $50 million racketeering suit against her.

Erika took the documents and continued moving. She was later seen curbside with Rinna and her luggage, sporting big shades and a white sweatsuit. Possibly waiting for a shuttle to discount parking but that’s just me speculating. Her rep didn’t immediately respond for comment on the matter.

Edelson PC, who filed the lawsuit, is accusing Erika of 9 charges. Those include racketeering, conspiracy to commit racketeering, unlawful business practice and deceit, to name a few. The charges stem from her estranged husband Tom Girardi’s alleged mishandling of client settlement funds. Tom and his firm, Girardi Keese, currently have over $500 million in debt against them.

Court documents state, “Tom and Erika routinely misappropriated client settlement money to project an image of wealth and to prop up a lifestyle made for reality TV.” The lawsuit also claims that Erika’s company, EJ Global, “was created for the purpose of funneling money from Girardi Keese to benefit Erika.”

The law firm is also accused Erika of being aware of Tom’s “scheme.” And that Erika was “flaunt[ing]” her expensive lifestyle and “acting as the ‘frontwoman’ of the operation, selling to the world (including unsuspecting clients) that Girardi Keese was successful.” Yikes!

If the case sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Back in April, Edelson PC filed a separate but related case on allegations of racketeering. The suit was dismissed, but only because the Chicago-based firm planned on refiling in California. Additionally, Jay Edelson told Page Six that the new case is “prosecuting the claims of the clients (the widows and orphans).” The previous suit was “more limited, in terms of who we sued, what we were suing about, and the legal theories we are pursuing.” He added, “As we allege, we believe we can prove to a jury that the Girardi firm was, and has long been, a criminal enterprise.”

Erika has always maintained her innocence and with every suit, her attorney has made statements denying her involvement. He even suggested that Erika a scapegoat. During season 11 of RHOBH, Erika was forced to address her legal issues on the show. During the reunion, she was pressed multiple times by host Andy Cohen. She stated at the time, “I feel terrible. This is not who I am. And I hope this is not who he is. I hope that [Tom] has not done what is alleged here.”

Prior to being served, Erika was seen enjoying herself at a villa in Hawaii. Photos have emerged of her with Rinna and Diana sitting outside of the villa drinking champagne.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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