Top 5 Takeaways From Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 12 Episode 10

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There’s something about the ladies of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that always draws me in. No matter who is in the cast, this city always captures my attention. This season is no different, with the exception of Diana Jenkins. She can go.

The Housewarming Party Drama Continues

Sutton Stracke Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

It’s revolting for anyone to question someone’s miscarriages. Also, why does Lisa Rinna ride so hard for Diana? Is she doing her dirty work? Think about the people that Diana’s targeted so far.

Sutton Stracke thought she left the party in a better place with Diana, but she was wrong. Diana is colder than Erika Jayne has ever been, and she wasted no time taking the title of ice queen away from her. I’ve never seen someone so disinterested in being a part of the group.

Garcelle Beauvais accuses Kyle Richards of jumping ship at the party. I wouldn’t say jumping ship. Kyle and Sutton have been in a weird place all season, so it’s not surprising.

The only non-drama portion of the party was everyone meeting Sutton’s Bumble match. She’s back in the dating pool, and they’re making it so awkward.

Garcelle conversed with Erika at Sutton’s party, and Kyle jumped in again. Why does Kyle have to interject herself into everyone’s business? Worry about yourself. Be neutral, and keep your mouth shut.

Garcelle vs. Erika

Garcelle noticed at Sutton’s party that Erika’s alcohol intake was skyrocketing again. She doesn’t want her children being disrespected by Erika, and being drunk isn’t an acceptable excuse.

Erika crossed the line, and thankfully she took full responsibility for her actions and apologized. She tells Garcelle it wasn’t vicious, but it was wrong nonetheless. Regardless of anyone trying to say otherwise, this isn’t okay.

Garcelle’s annoyed with Erika following all of this drama, but Erika scores point with her at Sutton’s party. She compliments her ability as a mother who does it independently and coming from another mother who did the same meant a lot to Garcelle.

Garcelle mentions to Kyle later in the episode that Erika’s drinking is a lot. Kyle’s doing her damndest to stick up for her friend, though. In Garcelle’s defense, there’s a pattern developing with Erika. I’m not sure I agree with Garcelle about it being a gateway to alcoholism, and it seems like it’s taking things a step too far.

There’s so much more to come between the two of them. Garcelle isn’t here to coddle and protect Erika’s feelings. She’ll call it as she sees it, and Erika’s giving her plenty to work with.

Kyle & Dorit’s Sweet Friendship

Dorit Kemsley Kyle Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

You don’t often see a genuine friendship on reality television. However, that’s precisely what we’ve witnessed over the last six seasons with Kyle and Dorit Kemsley; they’re there for each other at every moment.

Watching Kyle have Dorit and her family over for Hanuakku was sweet. Dorit’s going through the most challenging time of her life, and she needs all the love and support she can get. She almost lost her life during the home invasion, so anything beyond that moment is precious.

Some people rag on Kyle and Dorit (some valid reasons are at play), but it’s still rare to see a genuine friendship like that. They often hang out together off-camera, so you know it’s not just for TV ratings. Having Dorit over for a holiday to ensure she’s feeling loved and safe was a marvelous thing Kyle and her family could’ve done.

That said, it would be nice to see more depth to Dorit this season beyond the robbery. It’s all she’s talking about, and while I understand the trauma, she can’t use it as a crutch.

Diana Is The Worst Beverly Hills Housewife Of All Time

Diana Jenkins Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

This is a bold statement, but after watching this episode, it’s my takeaway. She’s not relatable in any way, and nothing that comes out of her mouth is anything the average viewer at home can understand. There’s living an affluent lifestyle, and then there’s Diana acting like hers is above everyone else.

On top of that, Diana’s extremely uninteresting in associating with anyone in the group. She appears on the verge of getting close to Erika, but that’s not giving you leverage on this show. A large percentage of the viewers hate her.

Later in the episode, she meets with Erika, who fills her in on where Sutton’s at with this. These two are forming an unholy alliance to go up against everyone else, and there’s no telling what chaos they’re planning on reigning down on the group.

Sutton & Diana’s Tense Lunch

Diana Jenkins Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

It’s an understatement to say that Sutton and Diana have two different ideas of what state they’re in. The lunch starts awkwardly because they go back to the beginning, kicking it off when Diana says Sutton is clumsy with her words.

However, things are different now. Diana believes Sutton has malicious intent behind the words coming out of her mouth. She feels provoked by Sutton at this point, but Sutton has her issues, and she thinks Diana was mocking her past miscarriages.

Both women are hurt. Diana saying she needs professional help communicating with Sutton made me chuckle more than it should have. I’m firmly on Sutton’s side with this, but Diana’s no fucks given attitude is hilarious to watch in action.

Sutton was not doing tit for tat the way Diana’s making it out to be. Their conversation went nowhere because Diana wasn’t serious about making amends. She even admitted being fake when she hugged her at Garcelle’s party. This was so weird to watch.

You know it isn’t lovely when Sutton says she’d rather be with Erika over Diana any day. The lunch ends with Sutton walking away and eliminating herself from the fuckery it was. What a whirlwind.


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