Kim Richards’ 5 Most Memorable Moments

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Kim Richards had an amazing run on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The former child-star and RHOBH OG has showed every side of herself on screen, and honestly, she’s missed. Here are Kim’s top 5 most memorable moments:

1) When Kim called Brandi Glanville a Slut Pig.

Kim and sister, Kyle Richards would probably like to forget the Season two game night at Dana Wilkey’s, but we never will! Brandi Glanville showed up to the party with crutches and Kim decided to hide them while Brandi accused her of doing meth in the bathroom. To retaliate, Kim she called her a Slut Pig. The phrase will be forever remembered in Housewives history.

2) When Kim dared Lisa Rinna to talk about the husband in Amsterdam.

Who could forget the Season 5 girls trip to Amsterdam? Yolanda Hadid gathered the girls for a sweet visit to her home town but chaos ensued. Nothing good ever happens when the girls go around the dinner table with the intent to give compliments to each other. Needless to say, the game didn’t go well. Lisa Rinna wound up smashing a glass on the table after Kim called Eileen Davidson a beast and dared Rinna to talk about Harry Hamlin. Kyle wound up fleeing the scene, which is a memorable moment in itself.

3) When Kim stopped to pray by a trash can.

You can say Kim is a bunch of things, but you can’t say she’s not grateful. After communicating with squirrels while out to lunch with the girls during Season 4, Kim decided that in spite of the stresses in her life, she’s really grateful. She took that moment to say a little prayer and definitely didn’t notice the garbage. Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda however, certainly did.

4) When she returned the Bunny to Lisa Rinna at the reunion.

Since the Amsterdam trip, Kim and Rinna have never found their footing. Their relationship was only made worse when Kim showed up to the Season 7 reunion to return the now infamous bunny Rinna brought to her daughter’s baby shower. Kim claimed there was negative energy all over the bunny, but it’s probably all gone now since it’s been put on display in Andy Cohen’s Clubhouse.

 5) When she revealed that her sister Kyle Richards stole her goddamn house.  

Season One of RHOBH is iconic because of the fractures revealed in the relationship between Kim and Kyle. Housewives fans will never forget the limo scene in the finale episode. It was there that Kyle outed her sister for being an alcoholic, and in retaliation, we found out that Kyle stole Kim’s house. Debates about the validity of Kim’s claims abound, but this moment will be forever memorable.


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