Jurassic World’s Colin Trevorrow Explains Why Dominion Doesn’t Include Any Hybrid Dinosaurs


Everything in the Jurassic Park trilogy was a build-up to the hybrid dinosaurs unleashed in Isla Nublar and eventually, the world. 2015’s Jurassic World brought audiences the genetically modified Indominus Rex with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom introducing the Indominus-velociraptor hybrid Indoraptor. After sitting out the sequel, director Colin Trevorrow teased his return wouldn’t have any hybrid dinos in Jurassic World: Dominion. Now the Dominion director has broken down why the threequel doesn’t include any new ones this go-around.

Signing up to helm the final installment was a reset of sorts for the director and the dinosaur-centric franchise. So much of the first two films were built around the controversial efforts to combine dino DNA to create these super voracious species. Unfortunately, audiences saw the disastrous results of these efforts with Isla Nublar’s destruction. Unleashing dinosaurs onto the world was a key factor in Trevorrow’s conclusion as he spilled to SFX Magazine (via CBR):

The idea of hybrids had narratively run its course after the second film. It didn’t fit into the reality of the environment we threw our characters in. It’s so devoted to the real science that their number one priority would be to make the most paleontological correct dinosaurs as possible. They would not consider making hybrids there. They would look down upon it.

Colin Trevorrow’s reasoning made sense given the first sequel’s game-changing finale. Dealing with real dinosaurs just casually roaming the Earth doesn’t leave room for creating new hybrid dinos in a lab. According to the Book of Henry director, their absence worked out for the final film. The filmmaker revealed losing the hybrids was beneficial to helping the characters deal with their new circumstances.

I actually like being able to give the characters in the films different perspectives and points of view about dinosaurs and how they should be treated in this new reality. The ones in this film, the good guys and the bad guys, one thing they do agree on is that dinosaurs are real, and they should be recreating them as accurately as they can.

So, the threequel will see this longstanding battle over the dinosaurs spanning two trilogies finally come to a head. While every story expands the Jurassic universe, figuring out what’s best for the species has been a common thread without a plausible solution. Now, it seems things will come to a resolution in the film series’ finale. Of course, the franchise’s future is still up in the air as Jurassic World star Chris Pratt hinted at its possible continuation despite Dominion being billed as the final film.

This wasn’t the first time Trevorrow has said no to hybrid dinos in the final installment. He mentioned the film would include no hybrids as it was going back to basics. The director wanted true dinosaurs to be the stars of the threequel. Reuniting OG Jurassic stars Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, and Sam Neill for the threequel made that goal clear. From what viewers saw in the action-packed trailer, things are direr in the finale for all parties.

Jurassic World: Dominion will wrap up the second trilogy when it debuts in theaters on June 10. In the meantime, you can watch the earlier two films and the Jurassic Park trilogy by getting an Amazon Prime subscription. You can check out our 2022 movie schedule to see what upcoming movies are dropping this Summer.

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