Lala Kent Says Ex Randall Emmett “Can’t Take A Breath Without Telling A Lie”

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For as much as Lala Kent has said, she alludes to be holding a lot in the vault. The Vanderpump Rules star is still dealing with the fallout of her broken engagement to Randall Emmett. And it’s certainly not pretty. But despite her desire to have “zero contact” with Randall, they do share a one year old daughter, Ocean Kent Emmett. So Lala will be stuck with him in some way, shape, or form.

Randall has taken the path of least resistance, claiming that he won’t speak negatively about Lala. He recently stated, “She’s the mother of my child, so no matter what happens in life, I will never disparage or talk ill about her because she’s Ocean’s mom. The truth is, I just always have to look at the big picture, which is she’s the mother of Ocean, and I just can’t talk badly about the mother of my child. I just can’t do it — no matter what is said about me or what she says.”

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But Lala has promised no such thing. She was all too happy to talk more about Randall’s alleged misdeeds on an episode of Watch What Happens Live. Host Andy Cohen asked her, “What’s the first thing you discovered about Randall post break up?” Lala replied, “There where be a day where we all….the truth will come to the light.”

Andy continued, “I mean the fact that the big, huge engagement ring was a fake had to be wild.” Lala smiled and responded, “No, I laughed. I started laughing, because of course. He can’t take a breath without telling a lie. Like why would my ring really be this amazing ring, you know?” She went on, “And he didn’t ask me about it, and I was like, something’s going on with this.”

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An lightbulb went off for Andy and he said, “Oh, when he left – when you left him, he didn’t say ‘I want the ring back?’” Said Lala, “No.” Andy nodded, “And that was a big clue.” Lala reiterated, “Yes. I was like, if someone’s not asking for a ring that’s $150 grand, something’s wrong.” Fellow guest, Maya Allen from Summer House asked Lala, “Was it insured?” Lala revealed, “Not through me. Through him.” While Lala rolled her eyes, Andy quipped, “For what? A Big Mac? A Happy Meal?”

If we are to believe Lala, there’s more to be uncovered about the alleged lies in their relationship. So what’s she waiting for? An exclusive? Wouldn’t that have happened now? Either way, as much as I think the public isn’t necessarily the place to air all this out, I can’t seem to look away.


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