Tom Schwartz Defends Continuing To Wear His Wedding Ring

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In the aftermath of the “Bubba” split heard round the world, both parties are being analyzed for their post-breakup behavior.  Vanderpump Rules fans especially will form opinions about how the former couple of over a decade should be acting, but Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Tom Schwartz are both dealing with it in their own way.

Tom and Katie were spotted hanging out together post-split.  They are even reportedly still living together, a situation that the Toms’ Good Loving’ whiskey co-founder labeled a “necessity [and] practicality” to Page Six.  Ok, sounds reasonable.  But what about the fact that he was spotted at a recent Hollywood event still sporting his wedding band?

A witness of the “Spilling Tea Live with Zack Peter and Adam Newell” show Thursday noted that Tom had yet to remove the last sign of his three-year marriage to longtime love Katie.  Tom addressed it at the event saying, “this is not me clinging on and being needy.  There was such a profound love there and I feel naked without it.”  And insisted, “I’m not clinging on.  I am not.”

When an audience member asked how he was coping with the split, Tom replied, “I’m actually solid.” He added, “relatively speaking, after what I’ve seen other people go through, I’m pretty good.  I’m OK.  I think I’m OK.  I’m as good as you can be coming out of a long term relationship where you’ve been madly in love with someone.”

Fellow business partner and Vanderpump Rules favorite Tom Sandoval was also at the event.  He’s provided a tremendous amount of support to Tom, along with the rest of the cast, and still holds hope that Tom and Katie will reconcile.  “You better keep on f–king wearing that ring, Tom, because it’s giving me hope,” he said.  It’s interesting to note that Tom had to defend Sandoval against claims that butting heads with Katie during the show had anything to do with her filing for divorce.

“I’m hanging on to that dream, man,” Sandoval concluded, “I don’t want to see my parents break up.  I don’t want mom and dad to split.”

Indeed, with 12 years together under their belts, it’s hard not to think of Katie and Tom’s relationship as infallible.  Fans were blind-sided when Katie filed for divorce on March 22, shortly after announcing their split.

Tom reflected on Instagram at the time that, “I don’t think we were ever a model couple.  Maybe we are model divorcees.  A dubious title I suppose. So I’ll shut up now and say it one last time, love you Bub. Always & forever you’ll be in my heart.”

So the ring stays for now.  One can only speculate if, when, and what will inspire Tom to remove it.


[Photo Credit:Ralph Bavaro/Bravo]

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