Crystal Kung Minkoff Unfollows Jennie Nguyen For Facebook Posts; Crystal Asked Tiffany Moon To Unfollow Jennie Too

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For being the new kids on the Bravo block, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City sure know how to give us plenty to talk about. When the Erika Jayne fiasco occurred on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the ladies collectively lost their minds about it and nothing else (understandably). However, Jen Shah’s arrest is just one of the many highlights from RHOSLC’s sophomore season. Come on, Real Housewives vets, learn something from the newbies.

Every RHOSLC snowflake holder is involved with the mess on the show. There’s a major divide between those who are distancing themselves from Jen and those few loyal Shah Squad members who are defending their friend (AKA Heather Gay). Mary Cosby has been dealing with plenty of harrowing allegations about her church and her poor choice of words. In fact, it was all too much for Mary — she didn’t even show up to film the reunion. And most recently, newbie Jennie Nguyen was denounced for controversial Facebook posts about the Black Lives Matter movement and more. Unfortunately, all of this is going down after the reunion was filmed, so Jennie may not learn a lesson in accountability. I bet Bravo is wishing they gave Angie Harrington the full-time spot after this mess was uncovered.

Jennie issued an apology for the posts (which were apparently from 2020, btw) but it’s just not enough.*Lisa Barlow voice* Byeeee Jennie, time to log off. And take your fake sister-wife storyline with you. She’s officially made Jen Shah’s list of RHOSLC snakes/fakes. Jennie was the one calling out Mary for making comments about race, but she was apparently the pot calling the kettle black. The red flags were there, and we ignored them. I guess we all should’ve listened to her niece on TikTok.

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A fan on Twitter recently revealed that other Real Housewives stars are taking a stance to denounced Jennie. The fan DMed RHOBH newbie Crystal Kung Minkoff to ask her to unfollow Jennie after the internet dug up her Facebook posts. Crystal had no problem inserting herself into the drama by giving Jennie a quick unfollow without a second thought.

Crystal responded to the fan saying, “My pleasure. I also asked Tiffany to do so too.” Of course, she’s talking about the amazing one-and-done Real Housewives of Dallas star Tiffany Moon. Tiffany was on the receiving end of behavior that was uncalled for herself, so it looks like she had no problem unfollowing Jennie. Back during Tiffany’s TV run, Bravo issued a statement to support her and denounce violence against the Asian-American community. Come on, Andy Cohen and co., time to put out something about Jennie. Every Bravo fan with an Instagram account saw the screenshots of the posts. What else does the network have to wait for?

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