Did Aquaman And Hollywood Success Contribute To Jason Momoa’s Split From Lisa Bonet?


Celebrity couples often look like they are as happy as any two human beings could possibly be, and in some cases that might turn out to be true. But as with any relationship, what appears to be is not always true, and that leads to shock when a couple announces a split. Such was the case when it was recently revealed that after nearly two decades together Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet are calling it quits. And it might be Aquaman’s fault.

While it was certainly a surprise to fans that Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa were ending things, People says that things have not been great between the two for some time, and according to an unnamed source, Momoa’s comparatively recent celebrity status is a big part of the reason. 

The source says that Momoa, who is much more in demand as an actor right now than he was even a few years ago, is enjoying the work, and wants to continue to work as much as possible. This has kept him away from home a lot in recent years, and wife Lisa Bonet is happiest living at home in Los Angeles, not traveling the world with her husband. While many couples have to deal with distance, not all are able to make it work.

The source here is unnamed so it’s impossible to tell how much weight we should give it, but it was apparently reliable enough for People. And to be sure, if this is an accurate look at the relationship, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that distance or career aspirations by one or both partners put an end to a relationship. Sometimes people just end up wanting different things.

When Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa first met Momoa had not yet been cast in his breakout role in Game of Thrones, so certainly his career is in a vastly different place right now then it was when things got started. The life they started having wasn’t the one that they have now and there’s no way such drastic changes aren’t going to have a major impact. 

The good news, if this is all true, is that there’s likely no bad blood between Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet so they’ll certainly remain in each other’s lives, as they have two kids together. And Lisa Bonet still has an excellent relationship with Lenny Kravitz, her ex-husband and father of Zoe Kravitz. Jason Momoa and Lenny Kravitz have also become close, so they’ll probably all continue to act like a large extended family, regardless of the state of their marriages.

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