Vicki Gunvalson Says She Relates To Lala Kent’s Split From Randall Emmett

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If we know one thing about Vicki Gunvalson, it’s that all she ever wants in life is to find someone to fill her love tank. The OG of Real Housewives of Orange County has mastered the art of work and play (rather, whooping it up).  But when it comes to men, Anti-Vax Vicki just can’t figure it out. She had a pretty long marriage to Donn Gunvalson, who was the best man we’ve seen her with (*Tamra Judge voice* That’s my OPINION). But since then, it’s been downhill. Vicki should just listen to her kids when it comes to their opinions on the guys she brings around. They can read the red flags pretty well.

Vicki’s most infamous man was undoubtedly Brooks Ayers, a shady dude who became the arch-nemesis of Briana Culberson. I mean, he lied about having CANCER. Who does that? He was all-around lame, and Vicki finally came to her senses and took out the trash. Then, she got into what appeared to be a pretty normal relationship with political wannabe Steve Lodge. That is, until he got down on one knee.

Steve proposed to Vicki back in 2019. But since then, it’s been a bumpy road. Steve made a weak attempt at becoming the literal governor of the state of California. He lost by a long shot, but he managed to spread plenty of misinformation along the way. In the end, the pair called it off after Vicki accused Steve of cheating on her. However, Steve claims they were over for months and the Vickster wouldn’t accept it. Who even knows what to believe. Now Vicki is single and ready to mingle (or scream at you, depending on the day).

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So Vicki was able to relate to a Vanderpump Rules mainstay who has recently gone through a rocky breakup of her own. Lala Kent called it quits with her fiance/baby daddy Randall Emmett after shady cheating accusations arose about him. Lala has cut ties with her man and isn’t looking back. Rand was full of red flags from the beginning, but the pair did seem like they were on a good path. Until Randall pulled a Jax Taylor and did everything imaginable to mess it up.

Lala recently appeared on the Not Skinny Not Fat podcast to talk more smack about her ex. She started off by talking about being totally in love with Rand back in the day. “At the beginning of our time together, I was being spoiled a lot. That was not how it was throughout our time together,” Lala said. “I always said, you know, if I ended up being in a box tomorrow, I can’t think of anybody else I’d rather live in a box with.” Wow, has Lauren From Utah changed her tune on this guy in one quick motion. But good for her — Rand’s clearly displayed some scummy behavior (allegedly).

Lala, who only cares about being a mama nowadays, said that when she was with Randall, she did everything to keep their relationship strong. “And to feel like I was doing all of that really for nothing,” Lala tearfully explained. “I look back on these years with him and I can’t remember it. I can’t remember any of it.” Wow, I knew Lala was a savage but this cuts deep. Someone check on Randall (maybe his best buddy Jax?).

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In a screenshot captured by Comments By Bravo, Vicki expressed that she could relate to Lala’s feelings. AKA both of them had their love tanks punctured, drained, and destroyed. “Sounds very similar to the man who stole almost 6 years of my life that I will never get back. So hurtful, so wrong,” she wrote. I’ve been trying to determine whether or not Vicki is referring to Brooks or Steve, as both relationships lasted between 5-6 years.

Humor me — Brooks and Vicki were accused of getting together while she was still married to Donn. She’s denied it, but that would give her an added commonality with Lala. Lauren got pretty used to hearing she was giving “BJs for PJs” to a married man before Randall’s identity was made public. But Brooks wasn’t really able to spoil Vicki with presents — he just love-bombed her with cheesy greeting cards.

Steve and Vicki’s relationship, on the other hand, did end with cheating allegations like Lala and Rand. He also could “spoil” her in the beginning — any ounce of genuine affection beats the mess she was in with Brooks. And he put a ring on it, so maybe it cuts Vicki deeper. My money might be on Brooks, but knowing Vicki, she’s probably talking about them both. Good riddance.

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