Pokémon BDSP Grand Underground: What Happens When You Find 40 Digletts


While exploring Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s Grand Underground, trainers will occasionally find Digletts and Dugtrios in the tunnels connecting the subterranean caves. These Pokémon can’t be caught, but they leave behind pink sparkles when they burrow back underground. Trainers can collect these sparkles before they disappear, which will increase the meter that reads 0/40 just below the Grand Underground’s mini-map in the top left corner of the screen.

This Diglett meter will keep track of how many Digletts players have run into in Pokémon BDSP, and the rarer Dugtrios will increase the meter’s count by three instead of one. However, like many of the mechanics of the Grand Underground, the meter’s function isn’t explained, leaving players to figure out how it works on their own through exploration and experimentation. Finding 40 Digletts will unlock one of the Grand Underground’s best bonuses, and once the meter has been filled, a message reading “Something good may happen in the Grand Underground!” will appear.

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The Diglett bonus increases the chances of digging up Gorgeous Stone Boxes in the Grand Underground’s many digsites, which contain Shiny Pokémon Statues for players to put on display in their Secret Base. Shiny statues are far more effective at increasing the spawn rates of the types of Pokémon they represent than regular Pokémon Statues, and their unique green color makes them a valuable find for decorators as well. Not only that, but the Diglett bonus in Pokémon BDSP will also increase the chances of finding a Shiny Pokémon in the Grand Underground’s Pokémon Hideaways.

Pokémon BDSP’s Grand Underground Diglett Rewards Explained

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However, returning to the surface in Pokémon BDSP will automatically reset the counter to 0, so Digletts found only count toward the current session’s tally and can’t be carried over to future sessions in the Grand Underground. Once the meter is completely full, the bonus will activate, but trainers only have four minutes to take advantage of its good fortune before the meter resets and another 40 Digletts must be found. Trainers can maximize their time with the bonus by quitting digging sessions as soon as a Gorgeous Stone Box is dug up as there will only ever be one box per digsite.

Fortunately, when exploring the Grand Underground with online or local multiplayer, the meter’s count is collective, and trainers can work together to find Digletts quickly. All players who are present in the Grand Underground when the bonus takes effect will benefit from it. Trainers can also buy a Digger Drill to move their Secret Base next to a Diglett spawn site, which will allow them to quickly fill the meter as the Diglett will respawn each time they exit the base. The more time they spend in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s Grand Underground, the more trainers can expect to benefit from this secret bonus.

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