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Coming off tour with Rival Sons, how are you feeling? 

First of all feeling really grateful for the experience, and really thankful to them for having me out and giving me the chance to sing for their audience. It was exhilarating to be on those stages every night, thanks to their fans, we had a hell of a good time! Been home for a couple days now which feels great and I’m resting, but I miss the shows already and my adrenaline balance is trying to realign, it’ll take some time. This tour was an adventure for me in so many ways, traveling alone across the country and seeing so many places I had never been before. I drove 10,000 miles on this trip. I honestly didn’t get properly tired until I got home. Adrenaline!

What do you take extremely seriously when it comes to touring? 

Delivering a good performance every time I’m on stage! Everything revolves around that. So on show days that’s all I care about, all I’m focused on, and I just do my routine and do the work I need to do to be warmed up and healthy and pumped to get on stage. There’s travel and tons of other details to handle on the road, but it all comes down to the show and I just want to give that everything I have, every time.

Is there anything you become lax about when touring? 

I slack on keeping in touch with friends when I’m on the road, mainly because I don’t talk on the phone much so I can save my voice. But my close friends and family know that! So it’s all good. But I definitely occupy a more solitary space and I settle into that. I enjoy it and I know it’s necessary for me so that I stay fresh for the shows, and I get used to it. But it’s good to be able to reconnect with my crew when I get home.

What’s the most demanding part of touring? 

Travel. Especially this tour where I was driving myself. It’s funny, the shows aren’t work! Performing and meeting people and fans afterwards, that’s not work, that’s the fun part. The 9-to-5 travel most days is the hard part and what really takes it out of you. And then you’ve got to do a big exhale and shrug that off and you go hit the stage.

What demands do you make of yourself when you need to keep on the right track? 

I’m pretty demanding of myself just on a regular basis in terms of working creatively, and writing, and excel use and all that. So in a weird way I have to demand myself to rest, especially on tour, I have to find moments to chill or pick certain nights to get to bed early. I’m a night owl and I like to stay up and think and write, but I have to force myself to rest for my own good sometimes.

How do you figure out what needs to change rather than just adjusted? 

That’s an interesting question. You make adjustments to things along the way, one cup of coffee in the morning not two,  two tequilas before showtime not three, etc. Sometimes a song isn’t quite working in the set but you can adjust the tempo or approach it with more aggression or more sensitivity and then it works. But if you try that and it doesn’t vibe, you change it out for something else entirely. It’s all an ongoing experiment.

What was the overall experience of the tour? 

Excellent. Challenging. Rewarding. We hit a lot of roadblocks along the way, it’s a little complicated to tour these days for sure. But the Rival Sons and their whole team and crew are all bad ass and they pulled it off to the finish line. I’m proud to say that I did as well.

Are there any other influences you pull from on the road?

This tour I listened to the 40’s station. Billie, Ella, early Frank. I love that music and the delivery of the songs is inspiring to pull from. I like to listen to interviews too from artists that do something totally different from what I do. Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson. Listening to those guys chat about making something together, it’s inspiring, it makes me want to create.

What do you make sure you do when coming off a heavy schedule of music?

Try to rest and reconnect with my family and my friends and my cat. And cook! I missed cooking when I was on the road, it’s good to be in a proper kitchen again and make food at home. Other than that, just thinking of what’s next – new music, getting back in the studio ASAP, and I have a hometown show with my band – December 2nd at Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa, California. See you there!

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