Sister Dou Lavendine Release New Single

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Adversity can’t keep two tough sisters down. Lavendine proves that if nothing else. Fortunately, however, Lavendine, headed by twin sisters Jana and Jacy Ayers, brings much more to the table than a feel-good tale. Their new single “Here to You” and its music video are arguably Lavendine’s greatest musical achievement yet. The single is a sweeping and musically substantive ride certain to entertain and move all but the most cynical of listeners while its companion music video turns the spotlight on the song’s lyrical content with stylish complementary images that are more than eye-candy, but nonetheless visually satisfying.


The Oklahoma based twosome don’t have any prairie or Okie in their voices. Their vocals possess remarkable elegance and abundant chops, but don’t be misled by these words into believing it’s all technical skill and zero soul. The emotion and sense of stakes they bring to every line of this song, especially its climactic moments, will have a powerful effect on listeners. They are invested in this performance and convey that with unmistakable clarity. Another critical contribution to their singing comes from their phrasing. They know full well the potential for pathos present in the song’s lyrics and shape their interpretation accordingly.

It’s a track where listeners can take away from it what they will. Lavendine has discovered a path to make music with secular appeal without compromising their religious beliefs but they likewise never go around attempting to browbeat or convert listeners. Their songs, if anything, are aspirational or, perhaps, testimonial. “Here to You” falls in the latter camp. It’s the story of a personal journey that has left considerable scars but the singer honors and rejoices in the fact they’ve emerged into the light of a better day.

The video is a rich artistic affair whilst pushing a no-nonsense point of view. She dispenses with several cliched approaches to promotional clips she might have otherwise employed and instead relies on artistic imagery to further illuminate and underline the song’s themes. Key imagery included in the video leaves little doubt about the duo’s intentions as songwriters, but it remains an open-ended viewing and listening experience.

The note of gratitude in the song is undeniable. It comes out in moments like the plaintive chorus, the heartfelt wail in the voice when recounting the tears shed, the miles covered, attempting to find inner and outer peace. Both sisters have clearly poured their proverbial souls into bringing both the lyric and overall performance alive for listeners. “Here to You” is about many things, but the value of unbreakable bonds is one.

I hope Lavendine remains around for many years to come. Our world needs songs like this, music twisted and wrapped up with the blood, sweat, and joy of everyday life. Music that understands the human heart’s inestimable value. “Here to You” checks off all my boxes and left me, after a first listen, feeling refreshed. The feeling deepens with each successive hearing. It’s a worthwhile musical experience for anyone interested in music performed with passion and skill.

Jodi Marxbury

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