Erika Jayne Wants To Date “A Guy With Money”

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne is being interrogated during this reunion. During the third part of the RHOBH reunion, host Andy Cohen continued to quiz Erika about why she hasn’t expressed any sympathy for her estranged husband, Tom Girardi’s, alleged victims. Erika replied that she has, but it still seems like Erika believes that she is the real victim here.

Tom was accused of embezzling $26 million from his legal clients. He loaned Erika $20 million from his law firm, Girardi Keese. Now Erika is being sued for $25 million by the trustee overseeing the Girardi Keese bankruptcy case. The trustee claimed that Erika was aware that funds from Tom’s firm were paying for her extravagant lifestyle.

Now lawyers have subpoenaed Bravo producers to obtain any unaired footage of Erika. In November of 2020, Erika filed for divorce from Tom, and told her RHOBH co-stars that Tom had been cheating on her.

Some of Erika’s stories didn’t make sense, like Tom’s bizarre car accident. Sutton Stracke wasn’t afraid to ask the tough questions, while her co-stars declined to ask Erika any questions to her face. Sutton’s quest for the truth resulted in some vicious threats from Erika. Sutton hired a bodyguard as a precaution.

Andy asked Erika why she didn’t leave Tom sooner and mentioned that he knew what she was making on RHOBH. Erika is allegedly making $600,000 from the show. Erika announced that she always gave every paycheck to her husband. She explained, “I’ll say this, I was 27 when I went in. He was 60. The power balance was way out of whack.” Apparently trusting Tom wasn’t a great idea for anyone. Now Tom, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, is residing in a senior living facility.

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According to Page Six, Erika told TMZ her requirements for a gentleman caller. Wait for it– Erika wants a man with a healthy bank account. I am stunned! Erika remarked, “I think every girl, you know, likes a guy with money.” That rings especially true if you are being sued for millions. Right, Erika?

Erika does have some other requirements. Her number one desired quality is intelligence. And Erika denied that she is dating right now. “Not a soul,” Erika commented. “I’m dating myself. I’m never not dating.” Surprisingly, Erika does have some age restrictions. She won’t date anyone under 25 years of age. Wow!

On October 25, 2021, TMZ reported that Erika had jumped into the dating pool and was being set up through her friends. Erika isn’t trying out any dating apps. She has reportedly been on several dates and has met men who work in both the show business industry as well as other fields.

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