Meghan King Gave Jim Edmonds A Heads Up Before Wedding To Joe Biden’s Nephew Cuffe Owens

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It feels like just yesterday our cancer-scam justice warrior Meghan King was announcing her new relationship to Joe Biden’s nephew Cuffe Owens. Oh yea. That’s because it basically was just yesterday. I know the pandemic has made it feel like time is both flying and standing still, but this relationship has been a serious blur. Let’s get caught up with the former Real Housewives of Orange County star. 

Meghan announced her new relationship with Cuffe at the end of September via an Instagram post. Prior to her relationship with Cuffe, Meg was dating Will Roos. We all know that Meghan’s personality deprived ex-husband Jim Edmonds wasn’t particularly thrilled about the Will and Meghan coupling. During their relationship Jimmy took to Instagram to make sad and catty comments like “poor guy.” Not exactly a word-smith, that one. Doesn’t he have his own mistress relationship to worry about?

After the late-September relationship announcement, Meghan and Cuffe decided it was time for an off-cycle October surprise. The two announced their marriage to one another within THREE WEEKS of dating. Meghan went from a meathead divorce in May to hosting the literal President at a reception within five-months. My rebound queen!

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Aside from the initial shock, I was simply DYING to know what Jim was thinking about this whole thing. Not only is he chronically bothered by his ex-wife’s behavior, almost directly before the nuptials Jim was photographed in an “anti-Biden” t-shirt. I don’t want to feed the trolls or anything, but the guy seems hungry! I was just waiting for the news to drop that Jimmy knew about the pending union all along.

Us Weekly has now confirmed that Jim did in fact know about the Meghan and Cuffe wedding plans ahead of time. Despite Meghan and Jim trying to create space from one another, the news was shared “mainly because her kids were part of the wedding.” Makes sense.

An insider shared, “[Meghan] has very little communication with her ex, but he was given a heads up a few days prior.” That’s about 5 months notice in adjusted time, according to my calculations of this relationship trajectory. And according to my value system, that’s more than enough notice for a man who ran off with your former three-some partner. Mazel to the happy new couple!

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[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]

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