“Falling” by Singer/Songwriter Kiara Chettri

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Kiara Chettri is one of those artists that seems designed for stardom. She checks off all of the necessary boxes and comes as close to perfection as one conceivably can. Her imperviousness makes the emotional depth of her new single, “Falling,” even more invigorating. Native to India, Kiara Chettri is all of 17 years old, and has already amassed a quantifiable body of work. In many ways, she seems like any typical late teen, albeit with extraordinary vocal talent.

By turns, minimalistic and bombastic, “Falling” is essentially a triumphant piece about heartbreak and loss. Kiara addresses her faltering love in epic fashion, showing a flair for dramatics, along the way. There’s an astute attention to detail, as the horn section comes in at the first hint of rising tension. To her credit, Chettri handles the song like a consummate pro, belting it out at the right moments, and exercising restraint at others. There’s a lot to like about “Falling,” and although it appears to be on the surface, it’s not your typical Pop standard.

There’s an unexpected and sudden transition into the bridge of “Falling,” that suggests Kiara has an interest in the unorthodox. It breathes a certain type of creative credo into what could otherwise be considered rather safe and inoffensive. With a sound effect that resembles a time warp malfunction, Chettri delivers a final plea of closure to a fading love. It’s an effective and memorable section of the song, that allowed me to view Chettri through a different lens. There’s something of a classic aspect to her approach, that blends nicely with her more modern influences.

Chettri has stated that she wants to travel all over the world, performing her music. Her youth is her strength at this point, and the focus and commitment she has shown to the pursuit of her dreams, is admirable. She recently appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone India, and the quality of her work to date, certainly warrants such a distinction. There is of course, the too much, too soon factor, but no two stories are exactly the same. The idea of her becoming one of India’s most successful exports in the future, isn’t exactly farfetched.

If you are to give “Falling,” a fair and unbiased listen, chances are, you are going to want to hear more from Kiara Chettri. Her vocal prowess, alone, is enough to garner the attention of not only the music industry, but also casual listeners and key demos, alike. “Falling,” also has a certain intangible quality to it. Sure, it’s a standard Pop ballad, in some sense of the word, but it’s also something that feels quite genuine, and luminous. Even at a young age, Chettri has a certain invincibility about her, but knows when to allow her soul to shine through at the appropriate moments. Here’s to hoping that the pure essence of her music, and the importance of taking risks, is something that she retains and cultivates in the coming years.

Jodi Marxbury

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