Erika Jayne Did Not Donate To Lisa Rinna’s Daughters’ Clothing Line Despite Rumors

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If you’re watching this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you’re busy watching the implosion of Erika Jayne. Despite some of her more steadfast castmates backing her up to a fault, there are questions. And whether Erika cares or not, those questions are taking over her camera time. And her public persona.

Erika is taking hit after hit. She’s been accused of trying to get out of paying off loans. And racking up credit cards bills before her divorce. She’s even receiving death threats. Now, attorney Ronald Richards is accusing her even more. If you aren’t familiar with Ronald, he’s the guy appointed by Tom Girardi’s bankruptcy trustee to investigate Erika. As reported by Radar Online, he is accusing Erika of dumping $156K into an entity called DNA, Inc. DNA just so happens to be the name of Lisa Rinna’s daughters’ clothing line. The clothing line was named “DNA” for Delilah Belle Hamlin and Amelia Gray Hamlin. But according to their lawyer, it was “merely the brand name of the clothing line that was sold under and by a company by the name of LA Collective.”

Their lawyer continued,”Simply put, there never was a “DNA Inc.” owned/operated by Delilah and Amelia. He also called Ronald’s claims “false.”

But Ronald told Radar Online at the time, “We have no reason to believe those charges are for any other company than her friend Lisa Rinna’s daughters’ company. It looks like she threw them a large bone with these excessive purchases. Lisa and Erika have a close relationship including sharing business managers and Lisa has taken an active role in assisting Erika since she left Tom Girardi.”

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Erika’s attorney denied the claim and clarified, “[Ronald] Richards is mistaken. His statement is another example of Richards and the trustee jumping to conclusions without a full investigation and trying to prejudice Ms. Girardi. There was no payment to Ms. Rinna’s daughter’s company. Rather, my client believes that the payment was probably to a company called David Naylor and Associates for a music video that she did.”

He further added, “[Ronald] Richards and the trustee should know better. They have all the records of Girardi Keese (“GK”), which is the party that made the payment. (We don’t have those records and all that is included with the amended complaint is a summary by payee over a 12-year period.) Richards should be more careful before making false statements about money going to Ms. Rinna or her daughters.”

We know that Lisa is defending Erika every chance she gets but at least she can sit this one out.

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