J’Maurice Drops “Facetime”

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J’Maurice is a Rapper/R&B songwriter, out of Dallas, TX. His new single, “Facetime” is all about making up for the love, you can’t show in person. The title, alone, is enough to garner a chuckle from most. J’Maurice was clever enough to cover a topic that will resonate with many young people, and honestly, just people in general. Though the song is not without its polarities, it’s a mostly solid effort from J’Maurice and company.

J’Maurice has a rather simple, but powerful background. He didn’t come from a musical environment, so to speak, and was shifted from place to place, as a child. He’s careful to cite his childhood as his gateway into the path he is now on. Being born in New York, and then relocating to Texas, is certainly painted with a brush of culture shock. J says that in his early years, he was essentially going nowhere fast, and had it not been for music, his road might have very well led to nowhere.

“Facetime” is essentially a song about a more interactive form of phone sex. The jury is out on whether this is a common practice, but one can be certain it’s practiced, nonetheless. J’Maurice, of course, takes a tongue in cheek approach to his performance. To his credit, he channels the perfect energy for the piece, and gives us a feel good listening experience. We don’t get an unforgettable listening experience, but we certainly get a fun one.

The pacing of “Facetime” is a frantic one, and it’s easy to get lost in the chaos. There’s around 3 vocal tracks, at play, simultaneously, and it can be difficult to focus on a single one. That’s not to say that the mixing is faulty on “Facetime,” as the final product sounds competent and professional. It’s obvious that J and company were going for an ambitious arrangement, here, and because of the talent and effort involved, it mostly works. From a production standpoint, “Facetime” is capable of garnering considerable traction, if marketed, properly.

Getting back to the content of “Facetime,” it likely would have been difficult to go with something more sentimental. Instead, J’Maurice goes in a more salacious direction, which is good for a recurring cheap pop. Fresh off the flight/you know that I’m with it/I might be tired/but I’m still tryna hit it. Though it may not be for everyone, “Facetime” has a distinctly fresh feeling to it, and it is, shall we say, movement inducing. If this is your first exposure to J’Maurice, you’re likely to seek out more of his work, thanks to this track.

J’Maurice has a relatable story and a dispensable style. He has the common man persona sealed up, coupled with a thirst for success. He continues to up his game with quality work, as well as  cultivating a positive energy to surround himself with. J’Maurice has poured all of his passion into his music, almost as an act of gratitude, for it saving his life. It appears that sense of gratitude is mutual.

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