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What has been your most favorite compliment about your music? 

Edem: That it sounds like nothing, and nobody, else.

Brett: We have received many compliments throughout our career, but one that stands out in my memory was from a show we had a few years back where someone from the audience yelled “Nectar”. Anonymously delivered, well timed, sent the audience’s energy through the roof.

Who do you make your music for?

Edem: Hard to say; I heed the call when inspiration arrives, and follow the gut feel of the piece.

Brett: Everyone. Even the cat.

Talk to us about your latest track? 

Edem: Day Zero would have to be our latest creation. Day Zero was born, coincidently and independently, working with our creative partner Sandra Ban in Croatia. It concerns the world water crisis and the anomalous “Once in 1000 Year” droughts that are being seen globally. I had written a guitar track, and had recorded it, when Sandra just happened to reach out to ask for a soundtrack to a video focusing on the situation. It matched perfectly with her concept. There’s a lot of that going on right now– serendipity for sure! When I write music about a certain topic, the concept is in the back of my mind, but I don’t feel shouting is always the best way to get people’s attention. It’s more of a mood thing. So I follow that mood, and hopefully the concept is fulfilled.

Brett: Our latest release, Day Zero, is all about the control of water issues facing our planet. Sonically, it’s a liquid groove.

Where were you emotionally in your life when you created it? 

Edem: Feeling confident and strong. We have had the fortune of teaming up with BsquaredMGMT since March 2021, and this partnership has given both Brett and I renewed energy. We’re very excited that our music is still touching people. We’ve been very lucky with it throughout the years. This is a great chapter, so we’re confident, trusting our instincts, and moving forward with what we do.

Brett: Stable. Focused. But my part in helping create Day Zero was just a part. All of our writing is done collectively which generally blesses us with an amazing, texturally sophisticated, sonically tasty piece.

What studio experience could you relay to the artist early on in their career?

Edem: I’m going to quote Brett here. All that matters is what’s coming out of those studio speakers. It doesn’t matter how you got there, or what your sound is like live in the room, if it’s not translating through the speakers, adjust it. Make it happen; respect and work with the reality.

Brett: Understand this one thing. What comes out of those two studio monitors is what’s important. Nothing else.

What is the next goal for you? 

Edem: Continuing to surprise ourselves and push our boundaries musically. Always to create something amazing. Diaghilev, the great Russian ballet choreographer from the 1920s, once told the multi-talented Jean Cocteau: “Astound me”. Words to live by.


Brett: To continue to grow our fan base and deliver more music.

When is your next single dropping? Can you tell us the name and what inspired it?

Edem: Eastside Western. It’s a remix and remaster of a song off of an earlier 2016 release that was in album format. I think people are really into downloading singles right now, so with this in mind, and with our new studio equipment (and a few years more under our belts producing), we revisited this piece. It is a fullblown celebration of my neighborhood in Highland Park, Los Angeles. It’s both a gang-y, but also very family orientated, neighborhood, and all L.A. wild west! The last good frontier. So hence Eastside Western. The neighbor’s dogs are featured in it, as is the blaring Banda music from the neighborhood. Another interesting fact it was one of the first songs we ever recorded using our digital audio interface. So fun to revisit it. Release date depends on CDBaby…

Brett: Eastside Western Remix will be available very soon. It’s a remix from our 2016 album Songs To Saadet. It has a lot of punch and spice so check it out. Inspired by the sounds of life in the big city, it’s a flavored slice of Urban Americana.

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Halcyon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JncawLt88qM

Love Soldier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QcBy2GCTpc

Dr. K: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JVR7vLhgsc

Pom Raccoon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRIL0o0bSV0

Stoked! Episode 2: Palos Verdes: https://vimeo.com/119474605

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQTAwWLlpjtcjp1-J1FUi6Q


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