Lisa Vanderpump Battled Depression Following Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Departure

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Lisa Vanderpump is one of the most charismatic and affluent Real Housewives of all time. On the outside, it appears like she lives in the perfect world. The glitz and the glamour seem to follow her wherever she goes. She truly does live a life that millions across the globe would do anything to have. Walking around with cute little dogs and starring in multiple television shows is quite the mood.

However, in a shocking move Lisa exited Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after nine seasons. She was a staple of the series, so saying goodbye to her was hard for many fans. Her British humor charmed her biggest fans, and there was a deep sense of loss with her abrupt departure. Despite leaving the show, it felt like Lisa was in good spirits and still thriving in business. However, all is not as it seems. t looks like nobody had a clue about the battle she was facing deep inside.

In an interview with HollywoodLifeLisa revealed the secret depression she was facing after leaving Housewives. She said, “I found it very difficult, a dark hole to walk out of. Grief does take awhile but you do get through it and things start to get better and even on Housewives.”

Prior to filming her final season of Housewives, Lisa’s brother unexpectedly passed away. When your personal life is facing such tragedy, how do you manage to then fight with women over the re-homing of a dog? She was experiencing real life issues that most could’ve even dream of.

Lisa also stated, “All of the fighting, it’s just not something I kind of look for and wanted to do with my life.” In reality, people don’t typically fight over EVERYTHING like you’re forced to do on Housewives. Being around that constant drama has to take a toll at some point. If you factor in multiple seasons of being the group punching bag along with her family loss, a breakdown is inevitable.

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It wasn’t just any loss either. He took his own life, and that’s not something you can simply breeze past. It’s the sort of shocking situation that leaves you confused and needing answers. Lisa said, “When my only sibling committed suicide, to me that was just devastating. And that radiated so many feelings because all of the survivors to suicide think, ‘Oh, maybe I could’ve spoken to them that day.’ Maybe you couldn’t have changed the path.”

How can your heart now break for Lisa after hearing the extent of her pain. Don’t forgot these are real people with genuine issues. She’s no different than any of us. She feels pain and experiences deep sadness just like the average person.

There was nothing Lisa could’ve done to prevent this horrific tragedy. However, she’s wracked with the thoughts that plague so many who experience a sudden loss like this. The “what ifs” creep into your head. The depression becomes crippling.

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Lisa further stated, “Mine [depression] was circumstantial grief really because of something that happened. I took antidepressants after my brother died and I sought grief counseling just briefly, but it really helped. I think reaching out to people. Not necessarily a grief counselor, but someone you can connect to is so important. For me, I also think that when you’re isolated, even if you can do FaceTime to connect with people, that’s really important. We’re supposed to be with people and integrate. I think exercise is one of the keys to having structure in your life. Getting out of bed, getting exercise.”

Hearing someone like Lisa who seemingly has it all tell this story will impact so many. She has a legion of loyal fans who will now be able to relate to her on an entirely new level. It’s not easy to publicly share something like this, but Lisa’s bravery could save countless lives in the future.

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Life is NOT always diamonds and rosé. That’s a big takeaway here. No matter what you see on the outside or how much money someone has, they’re human. Thankfully it sounds like Lisa’s in a much better head space and hopefully she continues to stay on a path of healing.


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