Concepts Drops “Hold This L” Single-Video

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Conceptz is a brother duo that was formed in 2012 in Orange County, NY. Since that time, they have somewhat bulldozed their way forward, with accolades that most artists can only dream about. Their first show took place at the BET Awards, After Party, which was sure to be attended by some massive names, upon which they were beyond well received. In 2015, they were put on the ballot for a Grammy Nomination, for their track, “Funky 5.” They’ve had their songs used by the biggest sports franchises in the world, along with being featured on the aforementioned BET and MTV.


That’s why their new single is both remarkable and assuming. “Hold This L” is remarkable in the way of its innovation and execution. The song is assuming, because with all of their achievements, we’ve come to raise the bar for the brothers out of Orange County. Yet, Conceptz’ continue to exceed any expectations set for them. There is an honesty in their music, that while conscientious and affable, it’s also pragmatic enough to connect  with a youthful audience.

Cause twitter will get ya/IG will get ya/Played eh. Hip Hop has notoriously gone out of its way to remain topical, which includes narrating upon current trends. This was a brief, yet meaningful reference by Conceptz, that says more with a little, than a complete indoctrination. As Hip Hop enters into a new decade, after having its infused into a slew of other genres, it has reached a crossroads of sorts. The genre is now going to be ushered into reinventing itself, and the result may be a far cry, from what we now know it as.

Conceptz approach on “Hold This L” is certainly not overly holistic. They are not above the type of boastfulness and confrontational spirit, that has been synonymous with certain segments of Hip Hop, in past years. The title of the track itself, is a bit of a middle finger, in the form of an L, of course. The difference may be best explained, when you see, Conceptz. There is a very simple, but fitting, Music Video that captures the minimalist vibe of “Hold This L.”

When you see Hydrophawnix, you see someone who looks overwhelmingly lucid. His charisma is driven and defined by his talent and his intelligence, rather than his swag and his materialism. In the b&w video, he comes across like one of the smartest kids on campus from the movie, Higher Learning; who has been transported to the bleak and transgressive cinematography of The Bunny Game. His rapping skills are truly undeniable, and to some extent, have to be heard, to be believed. Give credit to his brother, Short Fuze, whose vision for Conceptz, seems to be indicative of a mind that is so active, it could spawn fear in even the most astute surroundings.

With “Hold This L,” have continued to deliver on their potential. Furthermore, they have shown they have at least one eye on the future, by embodying the less ostentatious aspects of Hip Hop. In the spirit of originality and ingenuity, Conceptz aims to be the only group that matters. One thing is for certain, their work cannot and has not been denied. So do them a favor, and Hold This L, so they can pick up the W.

Jodi Marxbury

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