Dolores Catania Didn’t Get Coronavirus Despite Taking Care Of Her Whole Family Who Had It At The Same Time

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Dolores Catania Didn’t Get Covid Despite Taking Care Of Her Whole Family Who Had It At The Same Time

Now that we are 10 whole months in the coronavirus pandemic, we are seeing just how many people it has affected. I feel like everyone has been touched by it in some way.

Coronavirus doesn’t discriminate when it comes to Bravo either. We’ve been reporting on all the stars who have fallen victim to the virus. Shannon Beador and her kids got it, which played out on this season of Real Housewives of Orange County. D’Andra Simmons of Real Housewives of Dallas was recently hospitalized for her experience with the virus. She has since been released and is doing better. Even Bravo Daddy Andy Cohen fought the virus in the early days of the pandemic hitting.

One Bravo star who was lucky enough not to get it despite her circumstances was Dolores Catania of Real Housewives of New Jersey. As reported by Page Six, Dolores didn’t get coronavirus, despite taking care of her whole family who was infected.

Dolores said, “I never got it; I couldn’t catch COVID if I tried. I took care of everyone who had it in the house.” Obviously her saying she couldn’t get it if she tried was a joke, but not really a tasteful one.

Because her son Frankie Catania, Gabby Catania, and her ex-husband Frank Catania, are all living together, Dolores took the necessary precautions. She explained, “I was exposed to it. It was in my house, so I had no right to go out and spread it just in case I had it.”

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A few days before Christmas is when her daughter fell ill. Dolores explained, “My daughter said, ‘Everything hurts me. My head hurts. The [bedsheets] on my back hurt. My body hurts me,’ and I told her, ‘You got COVID.’” She continued, “And then my son was coughing, and I’m like, ‘You too?!’”

But Dolores was mostly concerned about her kids. When asked if she was afraid she would get it, she responded, “No. Is a mother scared to take care of her kids when they have the flu? It’s my duty as a mother.”

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Thankfully, everyone is recovered. Now Dolores can get back to doing one of the things she does best – gracing out screens


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]

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