Tanille Exudes Grace Via New Single

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Even in despair and betrayal, singer/songwriter Tanille exudes grace. Her new song “Not This Time” plays out like a soap opera, but Tanille’s fierce voice and harmonizing leaves the listener to dream up only scenario – she took the high road. “Not This Time” is a love gone wrong story, but it doesn’t mean things go awry for Tanille and her stunning voice. She’s a force, a reckoning in her own right. “Not This Time” has the listener in awe.

Tanille, a native New Yorker, says there comes a time when you have to learn to walk away in some relationships. The listener never feels like they need to walk away while listening to her in this thrilling R&B/pop track. An apology won’t cut it this time, she sings. Tanille’s voice, a mix of Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey, hits some high notes. She has a lot of sounds happening underneath her – the music bed is fused with electronic beats and some fluid movement that you might even hear in some soundtracks or film scores.

“Not This Time” has a great sense of balance. Tanille does have a tendency to use technology in the song, so there is a wide sonic swath. However, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still represent an organic sound. She uses some voice track techniques, like what I’m perceiving as voice loops, but overall, her polished sound comes off as very real. You get a strong sense of who she is an artist and as a woman. She’s battled in the past and can come away from this latest break clean, and confident.

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The upbeat music bed gives the lister even more energy. It’s at the crossroads of 90s R&B and electro pop. Stuck in the middle of that drowning beat is Tanille’s light-up any room personality. As much you feel the pain and hurt in her voice, she also exhales all those demons away.

when she sings, the mood is upbeat and the music is driving. This song could easily shake some trees, and get people grooving. But, it also triggers an emotional touch, much like a ballad. I like that she gives both – it feels like a conscious effort to emulate the emotions we go through during a breakup or pivotal point. Like grieving, too, there are highs, lows, fears and acceptance. She captures all of these feelings in her song. Tanille has a very strong musical foundation.

“Not This Time” keeps growing with each listen. Time will certainly tell if this song gains momentum, but my gut thinks it will continue to make waves. Tanille, too, will benefit from releasing more songs, more frequently. I think she has a very unique voice that deliver a great performance in a variety of songs – ballads, up-tempo, R&B and pop. She’s got it all. I’m just starting to discover her song collection and not surprised that she has a Christmas track. Her voice has a classic sound, and her natural sentimentality charms even the most cynical.

Jodi Marxbury

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