“Scaredy Cat”: Temptations Celebrates Halloween With “The First Ever Horror Movie for Cats” [Video]


Just in time for Halloween, cat treat brand Temptations has released a new animated short titled Scaredy Cat: The Movie. It stars an adorable orange and white cat as it playfully follows a ball of string that rolls down the hallway and throughout the rest of the house. Some spooky things are happening in this seemingly empty residence. Pictures falling off the wall, rocking chairs rocking on their own, and a tomato-murdering granny on TV. It all has the makings of a true haunted house movie, only from the perspective of the family cat this time.

As the cat cautiously follows the ball of string through the darkened corridors, we catch a glimpse of some red letters scribbled on the wall: REBMUCUC, which serves as a The Shining-style clue as to what the real horror is in this story…

Crazy Cat-Loving Lady note: please don’t scare your cats in this way. In fact, please don’t scare them at all. And don’t forget to give them some yummy cat treats this Halloween season!

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