NeNe Leakes Compares Herself To George Floyd After Being “Ganged Up On” At Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion

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Nene Leakes Real Housewives Of Atlanta RHOA

Sometimes there is that one celebrity who wasn’t hashtag blessed with a dialogue filter. Or any accurate perception of reality. Case in point, still-employed-for-now, NeNe Leakes. Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers are well aware of NeNe’s explosive personality.

Season 12 was not all peaches and champagne for NeNe. Hell, she wasn’t even around for the first few episodes after getting checked for her attitude. NeNe claimed to be on a “spiritual journey”, but I’m not sure it took. She was still volatile. Still plagued by jealousy. And NeNe kept up with her favorite role, victim. You might think NeNe plateaued as the martyr of RHOA when she complained about caring for her husband during cancer treatment. Now she has surpassed even that. In an effort to explain her disastrous appearance on the reunion, NeNe likened herself to an unarmed black man murdered by a police officer. Yep, she went there.

We are in the middle of a quest for change, sparked by the injustice of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of law enforcement. People have taken to the streets to protest Mr. Floyd’s treatment, racism, and push the Black Lives Matter movement into the forefront, where it should be.

What SHOULD NOT be done is using this tragedy as a comparison to petty issues. What SHOULD NOT be done is using Mr. Floyd’s name in vain. But leave it to NeNe to do both of these things, and she might get dragged for it. According to The Blast, NeNe’s foot has placed itself directly in her throat (again). Exhibit A: running away from the reunion. With the purpose of justifying her decision to ditch the hard questions, NeNe claims she felt attacked. She shared, “It was just too negative one. I felt very ganged up on.” I bet that poor cameraman in NeNe’s closet felt pretty ganged up on too.

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Then NeNe offered this tone-deaf comparison. “For all of you out there who can say they don’t know what ganged up on is, Google the definition of ‘gang up’. Gang up is more than one person on a person at the same time. George Floyd was ganged up on, so no he was physically ganged up on, and I have felt verbally ganged up on many times and that is not fair to me.” Outrage, party of everyone – your table is ready!

Oh, NeNe. This devotion to yourself has reached new heights. She continued, “It’s three and four people and when this show has five and six women on it, who are supposed to be showing their lives and their business and their highs and their lows, why am I being the only person attacked here why am I the only person that everything is being directed to?” Because despite multiple chances, spiritual journeys, and lackluster attempts at redemption, she’s just a shit-stirrer at heart?

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NeNe has put her hands on people. She has angered the cast so much, no one would film with her. NeNe shamed her husband for getting cancer. Now she had the audacity to use the death of (another) murdered black man an example for her plight? Seemingly avoiding any sense of responsibility or ownership of her part. The act of using Mr. Floyd’s name in relation to this trifling mess is both tasteless and disgusting. I SAID WHAT I SAID.

Bravo is making some RHOA decisions for next season and so far Eva Marcille is gone. Cynthia Bailey might also be gone. Is it time for NeNe to take another break? NeNe has lost respect from fans over the years, but this might be what sends the remaining 5 people that adore her over the edge.

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She got away with physical altercations. She got away with fat shaming and victim blaming. Will she also get away with comparing her reunion antics to that of a murdered man representing the ongoing challenges of an entire community faced with constant adversity? Bloop.

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