RDR2’s Online Collector’s Map Makes Finding Madam Nazar Easy


An online tool has been developed to help Red Dead Redemption 2 online players find all of Madam Nazar’s possible locations, as well as the many hidden collectibles she knows they desire. Although not nearly as popular as Rockstar’s other massive open world crime sandbox multiplayer game, Grand Theft Auto OnlineRed Dead Online has still seen a marked improvement in both the quality of the game’s missions and its general stability since its initial release.

The game still has issues with hackers and glitches, of course, but it’s nowhere near as big a problem in Red Dead Redemption 2 as the hackers in Grand Theft Auto Online are. In Red Dead Online, usually the most players have to fear is strange encounters with animals, occasional horse physics hiccups, and the odd two-headed skeleton, whereas hackers in GTA Online are making gigantic walking tank monsters and repeatedly griefing each other while dressed as aliens. Much like the single-player campaign, Rockstar’s Red Dead Online is a much slower, more methodical experience than its vehicle-focused counterpart, and because of this it can offer fans a chance to participate in some interesting side missions.

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In Red Dead Online, players meet all kinds of interesting characters, both new and returning from the game’s main story mode. One new character players will eventually encounter is Madam Nazar, a fortune teller and Collector, and by giving her fifteen Gold Bars (Rockstar’s in-game currency for Red Dead Online) players can obtain a special “collector’s bag” item which begins a whole new set of side missions. However, finding both Madam Nazar and the locations of treasure items needed for the Collector’s missions can sometimes be difficult, since not only does her location shift often but every new treasure map a player purchases from her overwrites the previous one, making it difficult to focus on more than one discovery at a time. Thankfully, there’s a solution.


RDR2: How To Find Madam Nazar (& All The Collectibles)

Madam Nazar Crystal Ball Collectibles

Thanks to an incredibly useful online tool called the Unofficial Red Dead Online Collector’s Map, players can not only track Madam Nazar’s movements but also keep up with all of the different cycles and patterns Rockstar uses to hide collectibles in Red Dead OnlineThe Collector’s Map for RDO (which is fully interactive) also comes with a useful guide explaining the different markers and colors which mark item locations, and players can even remove pins and waypoints from the map once they have collected the item.

Being able to track Madam Nazar’s movements (which, according to the RDO Collector’s Map Guide, changes every day at 1:00AM EST) is incredibly helpful for players who are looking to dive in to Red Dead Online’s Collector missions, and being able to know just what they’re looking for and where makes it much easier to plan out long journeys on horseback. The map, which was created by GitHub user jeanropke, is even synced to a real clock and lets players know when certain limited-time world events, such as Cold Dead Hands, are about to begin.


The Red Dead Online guide has also been translated into Portuguese, French, German, and Russian so players in multiple countries around the world can make use of it, something which is definitely necessary considering how widespread RDR2’s popularity is. Keeping track of everything in a world as massive and detailed as Red Dead Redemption 2‘s isn’t easy, but this unofficial Collector’s Map goes a long way towards making it that way, and players who utilize it properly will be picking up tarot cards, gold bangles, and goose eggs in no time.

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Source: Unofficial Red Dead Online Collector’s Map


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