Does Southern Charm Star Shep Rose Have A Girlfriend? See The Now-Deleted Photo

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Another reality TV  bachelor may be off the market ladies! Shep Rose is known for being a confirmed Peter Pan-type frat boy who refuses to settle down. His single ways and aversion to commitment have long been chronicled on both Southern Charm and his own dating show, Relationshep.

Shep left his dating show without finding love and returned to Charleston as a single man. But now a new social media post suggests there may be a new serious lady in his life.

Of course, nothing had been confirmed, but the photo posted to Taylor Ann Green’s Instagram shows a pretty blond as she gazes at Shep from her car window. He bends down next to her car window and leans in, and they look quite cozy. It is clear that they are definitely NOT practicing social distancing. In fact, the caption for the photo suggests that they may be spending the quarantine together.

Taylor writes, “Dear Diary, Day 83. Picking up pizza for the 82nd time. We gave up on nutrition after effing up the eggplant salad on Day 1.” She follows the post with the hashtag #quarantinehasntkilledusyet. Both the caption and the hashtag clearly imply that she and Shep are hunkering down together and that they are eating a lot of pizza! If Shep found a girl who will eat pizza with him 82 days in a row, he had better not mess it up!

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Then again, they might just be friends. Shep is not confirming this or commenting publicly about the mystery lady. There is nothing on his social media about it. It also appears that the original post was quickly deleted, which lends more fuel to the rumor fire. The only thing we can be sure of is that neither one of them can make an eggplant salad. But the post was liked by several of Shep’s Southern Charm castmates and was also commented on by none other than his former nemesis, Madison Lecroy.

Madison commented, “OMG! This is sweet!” She added @relationshep, just in case anyone was still wondering. It’s interesting that she is supporting Shep, since last season they were on the outs. They battled over Madison’s treatment of her boyfriend, Austin Kroll, who also happens to be one of Shep’s best friends. In the aftermath, Madison accused Shep of trying to hit on her in the past. She maintained that his bitterness towards her stemmed from the fact that she had turned him down.

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It seems like that is now water under the bridge, and Madison appears to be on friendly terms with Shep and his new lady. It must be a relief for her to see Shep in his own relationship so that he will have less time to meddle in hers!

Shep Rose Taylor Ann

Personally, I hope Shep has found his special someone and that they can be happy together. He talks increasingly on the show about finally being ready to settle down. I think he is getting tired. Being on lockdown is the perfect time for him to form a solid relationship. The bars are closed, and he has to keep his distance from other girls! Hopefully, he will emerge from quarantine with a new lady by his side. Although it is a little sad that he may no longer be the confirmed bachelor we have all grown to love, I am excited to see him find the relationshep he has been searching for all this time.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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