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Welcome! Thank you for carving out time for us today!  So, you have a single recently released titled “Silent Sleeper”. Congrats! We love this dreamy track and we also get a little country vibe. How would you describe the song?

Thank you so much for inviting me to interview! There are definitely some country vibes in my recent single, “Silent Sleeper”. I’d say this is  accentuated through the style and tone of my vocals on the track. “Silent Sleeper” is a dreamy take on what the land between waking and sleeping has to teach us. Through dream-like visions, we manifest what our subconscious is programmed to attract. This is important to know, because it dictates so much of our lives. When we are aware that we are functioning within our own mental and emotional projections, then we can deeply grow and create. I have found myself in that ethereal state before, and it turned out I had a lot of healing to do. Through this song, I share the story of feeling paralyzed in one’s own life, when an angel-figure comes to guide and wake the “Silent Sleeper”.

How did you know Silent Sleeper was going to be a single that you wanted to release? What stood out over some others that you have ready and waiting?

This is the first single from my upcoming album, “of Thank You”. My first two music releases were my debut album and an EP. I wanted to release “Silent Sleeper” as a single to build up momentum for the album, because the songs on “of Thank You” are truly meaty. These songs say a lot about who we are as individuals within a country founded on freedom and progress. Through the lyrics on other tracks of the album, I inspire listeners to think about the true meaning of living in our current society. We have access to an incredible amount of wealth and knowledgeable. I aim to empower people to think for themselves by clueing them in on things I’ve learned through experience. “Silent Sleeper” was chosen as the first single because it wakes the senses up, leading people to be ready to hear and receive the messages that follow.

We love that you are not only a talented musician but also a songwriter. How long have you been writing music? What was your first song written?

I love songwriting. In-fact, I love all writing. For me, it began with poetry. Late one night, age fourteen, I sat awake at a sleepover. All my other friends were asleep. I felt an emotional need to stay up and write. I wondered how could they just sleep. There was so much to do in our world. So much to be delved into and talked about. I wrote my first voluntary poem that night, meaning not written for a school assignment, but of my own accord. It was titled “My Own, I’m Not There.” You know sometimes, we don’t fit in, and there’s a purpose for that. My writing speaks for the outsider, the ignored, the unique. We are all special in our own rite. Be who you are and elaborate in kindness. This love for poetry pairs nicely with my infatuation of playing guitar. Put the two together, and songwriting takes the shape of classic hits.

What advice would you give someone that wants to write music but isn’t sure where to start?

My advice is simple. Get a notebook, a pencil and a pen, and begin writing. When you feel stuck, write with the pen. It will force you to make concrete decisions. When your inspiration is flowing, use the pencil. Clear your mind of distractions by letting the distractions also be a means of creativity. Hum a melody, play with rhymes, meditate on themes that are significant to you as a writer. Keep going. Rest when necessary. Scratch all the surfaces by scratching your head with your pencil, instead of ideas!

You have several tour dates coming up! For anyone that hasn’t caught your live show tell us a little about what we can expect.

I absolutely love performing, and I also love traveling. It’s an excellent profession for these two passions. Right now, it’s me and my guitar, whether it’s acoustic or electric. For vocals, I sing in a way that captivates the listener. I move with the moment and present my concert in a storytelling fashion. Each night is specific to the audience in attendance. Through the genre of folk-rock americana, I weave together theatrical presentation of music, spoken word, and a bit of comedy. I’m starting to compile the band of bunnies. I’d like to add a drummer and lead guitarist soon.

Speaking of your live show – is there one song that you play every night no matter what?

The crowd loves it when I play “Timely Vision”, and you know what, I can’t argue with them. It’s a a lullaby/prayer type song from my EP, “of Always”.

Now tell us where to get our hands on your new music and find your tour dates!

Kendra & the Bunnies’ music is currently streaming on all music platforms and available for download — find your preferred method of listening here —

All tour dates and information about me can be found on my website under the “Music & Shows” tab here —

You can follow me on social media at:



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