Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Clearing The Heir

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Jackie Goldschneider’s Hampton’s vacation might come to a screeching halt on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The ongoing bad blood between Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs is getting toxic. Teresa is not playing games anymore. She’s ready to destroy Margaret. Somehow Danielle Staub has a magical hold over Teresa. One day Teresa will come to her senses. We can only hope!

We are supposed to get a big showdown in this episode between Jennifer Aydin and Melissa Gorga. This might actually give Melissa something to do for a change. A real storyline! Praise the Housewives gods. On last week’s episode Jennifer did some digging about Jackie’s financial situation. If she continues that this week, we’ll have even more drama to witness. Such a fun vacation.

Teresa really came in hot to Jackie’s Hampton house. She is BIG MAD about not being invited to Margaret’s brunch. I would’ve taken the goody bag. I’m a sucker for free gifts!

The two of them need to have a chat and fix their s**t. Nothing that’s happened is worth throwing their friendship away for. The house is and the property are absolutely gorgeous. That being said, it does suck to get left out. However, Teresa shouldn’t be a hypocrite here. She very recently didn’t invite Jackie to an event. Pot meet that kettle babe!

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Danielle doesn’t even have to be there to cause a wedge between them. The damage is already done. I also want to say that I would be pissed if I went on vacation, and it was chaos. These women cannot ever get along on a vacation. Don’t ruin my peace and tranquility!

WHY ARE THOSE SANDWICHES FOR LUNCH SO HUGE THOUGH? I am a fattie and a foodie, but those are BIG. I can’t do that. Has me salivating though.

Teresa Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Margaret pulls Teresa aside at the table to try to say her peace. The biggest travesty of this conversation is Teresa not knowing who Charles Manson is. Teresa doesn’t want to hear Margaret’s side of the story at all. Even Dolores Catania can’t comprehend why Teresa is so ride or die for Danielle.

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Margaret is making a lot of sense with providing evidence against Danielle, but Tre doesn’t get it. She storms away from the table because common sense is too much for her. Margaret did do things to Danielle this year, but last year was a different story. All of the events set in motion begins with Danielle treating Marge like crap. It all started with Margaret and Dolores starting to formulate a friendship.

EVERYONE in the group hates Danielle. Let her go. Let her be a free elf in the woods. Bye Danielle. She doesn’t have an organic place in this group. It makes sense for her to walk away forever.

Hopefully the women get to a better place for the rest of the trip. Also, Dolores looks so thrilled that Frankie and Gia are going to prom together. I always thought Frankie was much older than Gia, but I guess not.

Teresa Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Jennifer starting the night with shots is not a good sign. Jennifer and shots don’t mix. We might get Tequila Jennifer tonight, and these women aren’t ready. Watch out for broken glass!

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Teresa doesn’t swallow, and that’s information that we all know now. Thank you for the round of sharing. I don’t know how I made it this far in life without knowing that.

Why do we always have to watch the Housewives order their food? I couldn’t possible care less what they’re eating at dinner. Just get to the conversations. Get the fish, get the salad, pick something. I DO NOT CARE.

At dinner, Joe Giudice calls and throws shade at Dolores‘ relationship and at Teresa’s future. What a prick. Teresa complains about Joe because Joe is kind of useless. He’s so rude literally all of the time. He’s never been kind to her at all. Apparently, he tells Teresa that nobody will want to be with her over her baggage. I’m glad the women have her back here because she really does have a lot to offer.

The only positive thing out of Joe calling was that it brought Teresa and Margaret back together. They realized that their petty stuff isn’t as serious as why her family is dealing with. Now remove Danielle from your lives, and things will improve even more!

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Teresa keeps getting closer and closer to saying that her and Joe are done done. It’s always been a little cloudy about their future, but obviously they are going to pull the plug. AFTER ALL THE DRAMA, IT IS ABOUT TIME.

Jackie Goldschneider Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Melissa drops a bomb at dinner that Jackie made her husband sign a prenup. Jackie is a very rich bitch. YES. Some real money in Jersey! Jennifer is so nosy though! She’s playing a game of rapid fire questions with Jackie about this money. She wants all of the juicy details. I can’t blame her though because I’d want to know myself. She asks who makes more money between Jackie and her husband, but she doesn’t get a real answer.

Jennifer comes from a different background where people are more open about money. She’s new money, and that’s a big difference. Jackie hitting us with that Countess Luann “Money Can’t Buy You Class” line about Jennifer. Thanks for getting that Housewives bop stuck in my head.

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Margaret Josephs Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Dolores is coming around to Jackie as a friend which is progress. Old school Italian’s are probably so horribly portrayed on this show. Surely, nobody uses it as an excuse as much as some of these ladies do.

I’m a little taken aback to see Margaret bringing up Jackie’s lack of eating. However, she didn’t do it to her face. That kind of speaks volumes. What’s the point of doing a dig like that in your interviews? Say it to her face in the moment if you’re actually concerned.

There’s almost something really freeing about Teresa finally getting away from Joe. She’s evolved from the way she used to allow herself to be treated. About damn time. The degrading way he talks down to her is unacceptable.

Everyone is giving Jennifer a pass about her bragging about money. She’s generous with it, so that means it’s okay. That’s good I guess. Jennifer DOES flaunt it a lot though. It’s a little in your face. Jackie doesn’t need to do that. She has nothing to prove. I wouldn’t necessarily agree that she’s stingy.

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Margaret Josephs Teresa Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Margaret surprisingly kind of shades Jackie again about the food. This time she does it during a conversation with Jennifer. I bet Jackie didn’t know any of that happened until it aired. I’d be pissed if my good friend was speculating about me like that behind my back.

Jennifer’s in rare form right now, so we are getting some classic Jersey drama tonight. She seems hell bent on finding a fight with someone. Stop making an issue about Jackie’s money. She’s letting you stay in her home for free right now. An entire vacation with a beautiful place to stay. Calm yourself.

Melissa Gorga Dolores Catania Real Housewives Of New Jersey

She’s STILL on the thing about Jackie’s money. That’s all she’s talking about on the way to lunch with the women. I’m assuming she’s going to confront Jackie at this dinner then. As long as it doesn’t hurt your life, just let it go! Throwing digs about Jackie’s kids’ birthday party is taking things to kind of a low.

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Jennifer is seriously so rude. Her behavior is both embarrassing and tacky. Life is not a competition. She didn’t like Jackie talking about her parenting last year, so she shouldn’t go there herself. Jennifer calls out Margaret for making digs about Jackie not eating, and she gets incensed.

The drama between Jackie and Margaret doesn’t go anywhere because Marge apologizes right away. I am so disgusted the way Jennifer is attacking this birthday party. Who acts like that? Just wow.

Melissa just undeniably made a mistake. She said Jackie’s kids are going to be set up to be successful in 30 years, but Jennifer took this really wrong. She throws a plate at Melissa, and now we have an epic new fight coming. HERE WE GO!


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